Jack Rogers

About a month ago, I got my very first pair of Jack Rogers! I was so excited when I was able to get them because I had wanted them forever. I got them using Amazon gift cards that I won through CheckPoints, so I basically got the shoes for free, which is awesome! They are a definite must for summer.

I chose to get them in silver because silver is such a versatile color that can go with anything. They can make a casual outfit a little bit dressier or add the perfect touch to a fancy outfit. If you're interested in getting a pair of Jack Rogers, I just have a couple of suggestions to give to you:
1. Don't wear them to places right away. Don't wear them somewhere right when you get them. They are pretty tight at first, so wear them around the house for a little bit to break them in to prevent getting blisters.
2. Get half a size up than what you normally are. This will allow you to feel more comfortable wearing them, and then they won't feel as tight. Amazon doesn't have half-sizes though, so keep that in mind when figuring out where to order your shoes!
3. If your feet aren't that skinny, get a pair of them in wide. I have skinny feet, so my feet fit well on my Jack Rogers. However, if your feet are kind of wide, get a pair of Jacks in a wide size so your feet aren't hanging off the sides.

I hate that I can't wear these to school because of my uniform, so I'm stuck wearing them on the weekends. My summer is coming up soon though, so I'll be able to wear them every day!

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