Making the Most Out of Your Summer

After I realized a couple of weeks ago that my summer starts on Tuesday, I had a mini panic attack. In just two more summers, I'll be graduated from high school. And the summer after that, I'll (hopefully) have a full-time internship in what I'm going to major in at college. All of that life-planning made me realize that I don't have many summers left to myself to do whatever I want.

After realizing that, I started to think that I really wanted to make this summer the best summer yet. I'm (hopefully) getting my license next month, so I'll be able to easily drive to my friends' houses and other places whenever I want. I want to pack my summer with so many things so I can just have a lot of fun. I'm going to two concerts this summer (I've already been to two in May and I'm possibly going to a third this summer!), I'm going to my friend's mom's wedding to see her get remarried, I'm going to Maine, I'm going down the Cape (which happens basically every weekend!), and more. I don't want to be stuck at home doing nothing all summer, just reading and sitting on my computer. I want to be out doing things and having fun with people.

I encourage all of you to do the same thing as me and go have fun. Have no regrets this summer. Stay up late, sleep in late, do things you normally wouldn't do. Just do whatever you think would be fun for you. Summer is what YOU make of it. If your friends are busy, don't just sit at home while they're out. Call up different friends and make plans with them. Enjoy yourselves.

How are you planning on making the most out of your summer?

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