The Best Summer Skin Protection Products

I'm Laura Pearson-Smith, a UK actress and magazine editor. I also have my own lifestyle blog, A Life With Frills, and I was delighted when Ashley asked if I would do a guest post for you guys on summer skin protection. You get a lot more sun in the US than we do in the UK!

It's so important to look after your skin in the sun. In my view, full protection is best. There are so many great fake tanning products out there, that you don't need to damage your skin by exposing it to the sun's harmful rays without doing all you can to protect it. Here is my pick of the best Summer skincare around...

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, $35.00, Sephora
We all like to wear base make-up to improve the look ofour skin; but foundations are usually too heavy in hot weather. Clinique's CC (Color-Correcting) Cream is basically a tinted moisturiser that evens out your skin tone. It gives you the coverage you need; but without feeling you have much on your face. It's SPF 30 too, to protect your face's extra delicate skin.

Evian Mineral Water Spray, $17.50, Sephora
This is an amazing product to instantly cool you down with its mist. It will re-hydrate overheated skin, and soothe sunburnt skin.

St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, $42.00, Nordstrom
This is one of the best fake tans on the market, and it gives you natural colour and goes on streak free. It's so easy to apply, and is a completely safe way to get a tan. It contains Aloe Vera too, to soothe and condition your skin.

Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray, $16.00, Nordstrom
Yes, you read correctly, it is SPF 50. High protection from the sun is the best and safest option. This sunscreen is in an easy spray format, so you don't have to worry about missing bits or twisting your arms to try and rub lotion on your own back. It's waterproof too, for that all important pool time.

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizer, $7.99, Walgreens
Exposure to the sun will dry your skin and overheat it. When you get home, pop some of this gel on to cool and moisturize. If you happened to damage your skin by getting it burnt, it contains Vitamins A and E to soothe also.

Enjoy your Summer and stay safe!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Check out my new blog--and follow! I love yours!


  2. aw this is a a really nice collab with another blogger, too bad there's barely any sun there but will pick up on these tips nevertheless!

  3. CC cream is a great alternative to using foundation+sunscreen+face cream.

    Great post.


  4. I love St Tropez. Bloggers influence me too much as I bought it after loads of people have said it is amazing! Ha. I was pretty impressed too though. Fab review hun and love the blog! Xx