Weekend Links

I've had a crazy busy week so I thought it would be fun to do a "weekend links" post where I share my favorite things I've seen this week. Enjoy!

one // Stuck on what to get your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day? Check out the fabulous gift guide that Mackenzie put together!

two // Need to work on becoming a morning person to get the most of your day? Erin gives the best tips on how to do that.

three // Want to work out more as one of your New Year's resolutions? Caroline shares a total body mat workout!

four // Creating a resume and don't know where to start? Carly answers FAQs about them.

five // Getting ready to send Valentine's Day snail mail? Dorothy shares the cutest cards to buy!

six // Ready to kick start your spring semester? Michaela gives awesome tips on how to do so.

seven // Love sales as much as I do? Don't miss out on the fabulous one Piperlime is having!

Have a fabulous weekend. XO

Show Some Love Linkup

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be hosting a linkup with one of my blogger besties, the lovely Claire of Simply Darling! This linkup is called the "Show Some Love Linkup" and will take place on Friday, February 13th.

The Show Some Love Linkup requires you to do an outfit post for a Valentine's Day outfit and answer the following questions below:
1. What are the details of your outfit?
2. If you could get anything you want for Valentine's Day, what would it be and why?
3. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

If you plan on participating in this fabulous linkup, please email me [ash.mas19@gmail.com] or Claire [simplydarling15@gmail.com] so we can include a link to your blog on the day of the linkup. Please feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any questions. We would love to have as many participants as possible, so please share this with all of your blogger gals and use the hashtag #lovelinkup when talking about it on social media!

Networking Event Preparations

When going to a networking event, it's important to make sure you're prepared. You want to get the most out of the event so you can benefit from great connections and advice. My first networking event was super successful all because of these tips below, some of which come from my good friend Tori Molnar!

one // bring business cards
This is probably the most important one. I brought a lot of my business cards because I knew there was going to be 100+ women there. No one has the time to find a pen and paper to write down your information while at the event; it's much easier to just hand out your business cards to people. I handed out the majority of the business cards I brought, which was great! A lot of the women that I spoke with had forgotten to bring their business cards, which they were disappointed about. Handing out business cards is the easiest way to make sure you'll stay in touch with the wonderful people you meet!

two // talk to everyone
Depending on the size of the event, it may be hard to talk to everyone there. In that case, talk to as many people as you can. It's nice to have a good conversation with a group of people, but you don't want to talk to only that group the whole time because the purpose of a networking event is to meet as many people as you can! Find a way to politely move from group to group.

three // bring pens
When meeting so many different people at once, it's easy to get confused with which person is which. Was that girl the accountant or the business coach? When getting other people's business cards, it will be helpful to write down who they are and bits of the conversation you had with them to jog your memory when you follow up with them.

four // follow up in 24 hours
Follow up with each person who gave you a business card within the next 24 hours. Tell them that it was nice meeting them, mention a part of the conversation you had with them, and say that you hope to see them at another event soon. It's really impressive when you send a personalized message, and it's a good step in growing connections!

five // wear something fabulous
Unless you know the event requires business attire, you usually can get away with wearing jeans and a nice shirt or a dress/skirt; whatever works for you. You want to wear something that you feel great in because then you'll feel much more confident. And it's really important to feel confident when going to a networking event so you won't worry about jumping into a conversation with someone!

six // eat before
If you can, try to eat before the event. Unless the event specifies that there will be an actual brunch/lunch/dinner where everyone will be sitting down and eating, there will usually be just appetizers. It's awkward to leave a conversation to start eating when you're hungry, and then it will be harder to jump back into the conversation. Eating beforehand will prevent you from feeling hungry! There will also most likely be a cash bar there, but it's fine to get drinks because most people will be getting drinks too.

What advice do you suggest to prepare for a networking event?

Being Productive On A Snow Day

After having a snow day yesterday and now today, I know how being stuck inside all day doing absolutely nothing can make you want to rip your hair out. Although it's nice to be able to relax on a day off, being productive will keep you busy and keep your mind off the fact that you're stuck in a house. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to work!

one // tackle your to-do list
This is probably the biggest one. My to-do list is never-ending; it always seems like I'm constantly adding more things to it. I usually don't have enough time to complete a lot of tasks all at once because of how busy I am. With a day off and nothing else to do, you'll have plenty of time to make a dent in your to-do list. Who knows, you may even end up completely crossing everything off the list!

two // do homework
This is definitely the one that I dread the most. Because everyone in my school has an iPad, my school has "virtual days" where the teachers give us assignments to complete on snow days. So it's like being at school. It was nice having virtual days last year because I didn't have to make up the snow days since we did work on them, but helllloooooo I'm a senior this year! I don't need to make up snow days because of that, so why am I still doing work?! Anyway, when people reach an extreme level of boredom, they usually turn to homework. Complete all of the homework you've been assigned. If you finish, get a head start on homework. This can involve studying for a test that's the next week, looking into the next chapter of a textbook, etc.

three // write blog posts
I used to be able to write all of my blog posts for the week every Sunday because that was always my "rest and relax" day. But now even my Sundays are busy! So I've unfortunately gotten into the habit of writing each blog post the night before it's supposed to go live. To save yourself time, devote a big chunk of your day to writing future blog posts. This will make sure that you can post every day, or however much you want to post. My goal is always to post every day, and I get discouraged when I don't have enough time to whip up a post. Writing a bunch of blog posts all at once will guarantee that won't happen!

four // get started on work
Have a virtual internship or even own your own business (like me!)? Do work for those! Most people have goals, tasks, or assignments they want to complete in an internship or job, so get started on those to give yourself some time later on. There are so many things that I would like to do to my business that I just don't have the time for right now. A snow day is the best time to do that because I have time to do whatever I want.

I'll be honest; on a snow day, it's going to be really hard to get yourself motivated at first. The snow will be peacefully falling, you'll be in pajamas, and you'll just want to lounge around all day and do nothing. But then after your snow day(s) when you have to go back to reality, you'll feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing! And then you'll start to feel stressed because you're suddenly swamped with so many things to do when you had all of that extra time to get some stuff done. That right there is motivation for me; knowing that if I don't do anything I'll be stressed and overwhelmed. And if you end up completing tasks, you'll still have time left over to relax! It's a win-win situation.

How do you make your snow day(s) productive?

Wonder Women Networking Event

As I was searching through Twitter, I came across an awesome organization called Wonder Women of Boston. This group is all about bringing women together to network in order to build relationships and skills. As a young and brand new entrepreneur, I felt that it was necessary for me to start attending networking events. I decided that their bi-annual networking event last Wednesday would be perfect for me!

My mom and her best friend brought me into the city and then went out to dinner while I was at the event so I didn't have to worry about driving myself in. (For those of you who have never been to Boston: driving into the city is crazy, especially at rush hour!) The event was at the Back Bay Social Club on Boylston Street, one of my favorite streets in Boston. We got there at around 5:15, and the event didn't start until 6:30, so we killed some time by shopping at the Prudential Center. Not blowing all my money when I go to the Pru is always hard for me... and it was especially hard on Wednesday with all of the fabulous sales still going on! There would only be light snacks at the event, and I wanted to make sure I got something to eat before I went. I got a delicious sandwich at Cheese Box!

I was one of the first people at the event, which was kind of awkward. But soon after another lady arrived, she started talking to me, and then it all took off from there! I was super nervous about the event because I'm not so good at starting conversations, but the conversations flowed so smoothly. Women just sort of jumped into your conversation, and it was all so natural! The conversation mostly revolved around school, work, and goals.

I was definitely the youngest one there, which was nerve-wracking; the women were pretty much around 23 years old and older. I was worried that I wouldn't fit in well because of my age, but the women were surprised to find out that I was still in high school. They were genuinely impressed with the fact that I have my own business at just 18 years old, which was honestly such a confidence booster for me!

I handed out tons of business cards that night and also got a decent amount of business cards from other women. Although I may not be able to benefit from these women in a business manner, they were all great women to talk to! I did meet a few that are also in the marketing business, which is great. I was surprised at how quickly the time flew by and definitely did not want to leave when it ended! I can't wait to attend another event soon.

Have you been to a networking event before?

Lilly Sale Purchases

I'm almost a whole month late with this post, but better late than never, right? Whenever a Lilly sale comes around, it's impossible for me to pass it up because of how amazing the prices are. It's especially impossible for me to pass it up when it's the winter sale since my summer wardrobe is exceedingly larger than my winter wardrobe... #privateschoolproblems.

I wish I could say I paid attention in my AP Lit class an hour after the sale started instead of shopping, but that would make me a liar... #sorrynotsorry. (Side note and fun fact: I got a new guidance counselor this year, and when I saw that she was wearing a pair of Jacks on the first day of school, I knew we would click. Turns out she is just as preppy as I am! She also shopped the sale in school, and I went up to her office the next period so we could compare what we both bought... Oops!)

Maria Boatneck Stripe Sweater // Copeland Tunic Dress // Marielle Boatneck Intarsia Sweater // Brielle Dress

I am beyond thrilled with my purchases! The first three items can be worn in the fall/winter/spring, which is awesome. And I'm possibly thinking about wearing the last dress for graduation or any of the events that go along with graduation. My favorite item is definitely the tunic dress. I have been in dire need of a winter dress, and this is the perfect one! I can pair it with my riding boots and have a super cute outfit. And I can even wear it in the spring (or on a cooler day in the summer) with my Jacks! Love it.

What did you purchase from the sale?

Brand Yourself

Once you get into high school, it's important to start working on branding yourself. Figuring out your goals, career, niche, etc. at an early age eliminates stress that you'll start to feel later on. It's also helpful for when you want to start networking. You can brand yourself through four different ways: a blog, interests, social media, and business cards.

one // a blog
Blogs have become super popular, which is awesome. They're a great way to show who you are as a person; they reveal your interests through the posts and the actual design of your blog. When people read a blog, they get somewhat of an idea of what the blogger is like. Blogging allows people to make something of themselves and show their interests.

two // interests
By high school, you pretty much know what you like and dislike. If you find anything that really interests you, pursue it. Like blogging? Learn how to expand and grow your blog. Interested in social media? Stay active on it and connect with people. Want to start a business? Talk to other entrepreneurs and get advice. Pursue whatever you're passionate about because your interests reveal your personality to others. Expanding on your interests creates a brand for yourself.

three // social media
Social media is probably the best way to brand yourself. Create social media accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, and post whatever interests you. Like business? Tweet links of articles from the WSJ or Entrepreneur. Post on your blog? Tweet a link to the post. Love a certain display in one of your favorite stores? Instagram a picture of it. People really only post about what they like, and social media easily reveals people's interests.

four // business cards
Make business cards and carry them with you everywhere! You never know when you're going to randomly meet someone who could be a good connection or someone you want to network with. Include your name, cell phone number, email address, Twitter handle, and anything else that you might think is important. Business cards create a name for yourself and allow people to remember who you are.

How do you brand yourself?

Time Management

The older you get, the more important it is to have time management. Your life will get so busy, but you want to make sure that you have enough time to do everything that you absolutely need to do. Check out these tips below in order to manage your time wisely.

one // have a to-do list
I have a to-do list notebook that I absolutely love. It's pretty much my whole life! This notebook contains everything that I need to do along with the date each task needs to be completed by. My to-do list notebook not only ensures that I won't forget about anything, but it also makes me realize how much stuff I actually have to do. If I see that I have a lot of stuff going on, it will help me to realize that I really need to spend time getting work done instead of watching Netflix, going out, etc.

two // use an agenda or calendar
My Kate Spade agenda is just as important to me as my to-do list notebook is. This agenda has all of my work hours, when assignments are due, babysitting hours, when I have tests or quizzes, and more. My agenda kind of takes the tasks from my notebook and puts them into perspective as to when I actually need to have them completed by. It allows me to get an idea of how much time I have to do my tasks.

three // limit yourself
This one is the one I have the most difficulty with. I often come across little gigs or opportunities that sound so interesting, so I agree to them without even really thinking if I have time for them. I quickly say to myself that I'll have time, but then I soon realize that I don't. If you ever come across an internship, writing position for a magazine, etc. that you would really like to do, really think about it before making your decision. Take a look at your to-do list and agenda to see if you can make time for it. If you aren't 100% sure that you'll have time, don't agree to the position.

four // make a schedule
Sometimes I make a timed schedule for myself if I have a super busy day in order to make sure I have enough time to get everything done. I'll assign a certain time period for each task depending on how long I think I will need. If I finish before the designated time slot ends, I move onto the next task. If I don't finish in the designated time slot, I stop and move onto the next task. I always go back to unfinished tasks later on because I always end up having time leftover somehow. Seeing how much time I have for each task also really motivates me because it makes me realize that I have to get moving before time runs out!

How do you handle time management?

Study Group Etiquette

When it comes to midterms and finals, study groups can be super helpful. They can allow you to get help from other people on a topic you may not understand, or they can allow other people to get help from you on a topic that you know really well but they don't. However, studying with friends can often lead to many distractions. It's really important to stay on task in these groups in order to be successful. Check out how every study group should be run below.

one // make sure everything is completed
Before getting together with your group, make sure you all have completed the study guide for that class. It wastes time if someone does not have theirs completed because then they may not be familiar with certain topics. It also may mean that someone may just end up copying your whole study guide, which isn't fair to you.

two // come with needed topics
Have everyone come with a piece of paper or index card that says the topics that they need help with. This will make sure that nothing is forgotten about, and the group will be able to see if more than one person needs help with the same topics. Plus it will give people a head's up if they may need to teach someone something. Coming to the group with everything already planned out will end up saving a lot of time.

three // have food and drinks
Make sure that the host/hostess of the group has snacks and drinks for everyone. It may even be nice and easy if each person brought something! Food and water allows everyone to stay focused and energized, which is really important when it comes to studying.

four // stay on topic
Try not to drift off topic because a little off-topic discussion can lead to a two-hour distraction. The goal of the study group is to learn, not gossip! Save any off-topic discussions until any study breaks. It might be really hard to stay on topic if you're studying with your friends, but it will be worth it in the end.

How do you make sure you get the most out of your study group?

In case you missed my other posts in this series: Midterm Prep // Healthy Midterm Habits

Healthy Midterm Habits

Midterms and finals can cause a lot of stress. Although it's usually good stress because you just want to do well on your exams, it's not healthy to be so stressed to the point where you want to break down every five seconds. Relieving stress and making sure your study habits are healthy are super important in two areas: food and breaks.

one // food
You want to make sure you're eating all of the right foods during studying so you have the energy to keep going. Eat lots of healthy food: fruit, yogurt, nuts, eggs, pasta, and more. Drink lots of water; it's really important to stay hydrated and focused. Stay away from lots of unhealthy food such as pizza, fast food, subs, etc. You'll end up feeling yucky and exhausted afterwards. And especially stay away from energy drinks, too much coffee, and all of those caffeinated items. It's okay to have a cup of coffee or two, but having too much coffee is not good for you at all. Stay away from stress-eating. Sometimes when I'm extremely stressed, I'll stress-eat and just eat everything in sight. That's bad because you end up feeling gross later on! Only eat when you're hungry, and make sure it's food that's good for you. And most importantly, reward yourself! I don't usually have ice cream, but at the end of every night of studying, I treat myself to a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's a great way to feel refreshed and take a break, and it's a great incentive!

two // breaks
Breaks are extremely vital in studying. You should be taking a 15-minute break after every hour and a half of studying so you can feel refreshed and energized. The types of breaks you can take are painting your nails, checking social media, writing a blog post, reading a magazine, and more. Just make sure to not exceed your designated break time because it will make it that much more difficult to go back studying. Breaks are also the perfect time for grabbing the right study snack, too!

What kinds of foods do you like to eat during exams? How do you take study breaks?

In case you missed my other post in this series: Midterm Prep

Midterm Prep

This week marks this beginning of a midterm/finals prep series that I have, and I'm super excited about it! I took my midterms last week, and a lot of high schools have exams this week. It's very important to try your best when it comes to these exams because they often make up a large portion of your grade, and colleges look at them. Make sure you are preparing for these exams the correct way!

one // complete the study guide
Most teachers create study guides or a list of things you need to know for the exam. Make sure you complete each study guide as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to ask any of the questions you may have. If for some reason your teacher does not make you a study guide, make your own study guide! Ask yourself what you think would be on the exam, and go through past notes and tests to compile a guide.

two // look through past notes and tests
Look through all of the notes, tests, and quizzes you have taken for each class. My teachers don't use the same exact questions from past tests on the exam, but they do use really similar ones. Looking through notes and any past tests can give you another source of information to study. It will also really help to correct any questions you may have gotten wrong to ensure that you know the correct answer now.

three // have study groups
In the class(es) that you struggle with the most, form a study group! It was really helpful for me to have a study group for AP Calc because that is my hardest class. Study groups are a great source because if you don't understand something, chances are someone else will. And if someone else doesn't understand something, chances are you will. It's a really nice and easy way to learn things you are confused about because sometimes it's easier to have someone your age explain something to you instead of someone much older explain something to you. Just make sure to not get distracted!

four // take breaks
It's extremely important to take breaks while studying for long periods of time. When studying for a while, you get burnt out, distracted, and bored. Taking a 15-minute break around every hour and a half can allow you to come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on your tasks again. Breaks that you can take are painting your nails, checking social media, reading a magazine, and more. Just make sure that you don't go over your designated break time because then it will be harder to get back to studying!

five // make notes of your notes
One thing that I like to do is make notes on my study guides. Once they are completed, I take a couple highlighters and a couple pens and just mark up my study guides. I jot down little notes on the sides to remember certain things, and I highlight key information. This is really good with memory!

six // spend time on what you don't know
Spend more time on the information you don't know or the information you're iffy about. It's really important to make sure you know everything inside and out, so you might need to designate more time to certain topics.

seven // study whenever you can
Whenever you have time, study! The more you study, the more the information will build up in your head. Study in the car, at the end of class, before you go to bed, whenever you have time. Every second counts and will help you more!

How do you prep for midterms/finals?

MLK Weekend Sales

I love MLK weekend because of the fabulous sales that come with it! Here are some sales for a few of my favorites:

1. C. Wonder: 75% off everything

2. Gap: up to 40% off with code LAYER

3. J. Crew: up to 40% final sale styles with code SHOPNOW

4. Madewell: an extra 30% off all sale styles with code AHHH
Obsessed with this dress, jacket, blouse, and tee!

Do you plan on shopping any sales this weekend?

Social Media Etiquette

As you get older, it's a good idea to start using social media in a more serious and professional way. Colleges, employers, and more look at your social media and how you use it. Social media is the best way to brand yourself and show others what your personality is. It's super important to make sure you follow the proper etiquette in order to use social media correctly.

one // have separate accounts
I have two different Twitter and Instagram accounts. One Twitter and Instagram are for my personal use with people I know in real life. My other Twitter is for my blog/entrepreneur/tweet chat/business use. And my other Instagram is pretty much only for blog use. Having more than one account isn't absolutely necessary, but it's definitely a good idea. My audience on my professional Twitter is completely different from my audience on my personal Twitter, and I obviously like to tweet things from my professional one that I wouldn't normal tweet on my personal one. Having a professional account is a great way to brand yourself and show what you're interested in.

two // always interact
This one is super obvious, but always interact! I reply to every tweet and comment whenever I can, unless I know for a fact that it's spam. Not replying/favoriting/retweeting can actually come off as rude. You want to make sure that you hear everything your followers tell you and that you make sure no message gets left unnoticed.

three // stay appropriate
Always make sure that everything you post is appropriate. Before you post something, think to yourself, Would I want my parents, college admissions, and potential employers to see this? You can delete something, but it will stay on the Internet forever. Stay away from inappropriate pictures, words, and swearing. Sometimes people can brand themselves using swears (Tori Molnar does that and it's AWESOME!), but I make sure to never swear on my professional Twitter because depending on your voice, it can come out as super unprofessional.

four // post consistently
You don't need to post every second of every day, but you want to make sure to post consistently. If you go for a while without posting, you will lose followers. Those followers could have been potential clients, friends, readers, contacts, and more. Keeping your social media platforms up to date makes you look good because people always like to see what other people are up to.

five // use few hashtags
Hashtags can be super helpful when it comes to searching a topic or participating in a tweet chat. I rarely use hashtags, and if I do, they aren't very serious ones. The only time I really use hashtags is during tweet chats, but that's vital in making sure people see your posts. One thing that really irritates me is when people add a million hashtags on Instagram to their pictures. I understand that they're trying to get more followers, but most people who follow you after you use a million hashtags aren't genuine followers; you want to try to get real, interactive followers. It also honestly distracts from a picture if you have a whole comment full of hashtags. If I'm scrolling through my Instagram feed and see a ton of hashtags, I always end up looking at the hashtags before looking at the actual picture! Less is more in this case.

six // never buy followers
I have never understood why people would buy followers. None of those followers are real, genuine people. You want your followers to be real, resourceful people that you can interact and network with. Numbers aren't everything if the majority of the followers are just spam accounts. Less is more in this case as well!

seven // stay relevant
This is one of the most important things for social media. Since you're posting from a computer, tablet, or phone, you aren't actually face-to-face with other people. You need to make sure that the things you are posting reflect who you are; don't try to be something you're not because it will just come back to kick you in the butt. Post about things that interest you and stay relevant to you. For example, I post a lot of fun, blogger-type photos on my blog Instagram. They all fit in with that account because that account is specifically meant for blogging. On my professional Twitter, I post about things that have to do with blogging, business, fashion, social media, entrepreneurship, and more. Those all stay relevant to my account because that is exactly what I use that account for. The goal is to make your social media so much like you that if you were to meet one of your followers one day, they'll say, "Wow, she is just like the way I thought she would be from what I could tell on her Instagram and Twitter." Be just one pereson!

My professional Twitter has become so much more important to me ever since I opened my business because it will help me to gain great contacts and potential clients. People are always saying negative things about social media, so use the proper etiquette in order to use social media in a positive and beneficial way.

What do you use for your social media etiquette?

18th Birthday

As some of you may know, it was my eighteenth birthday on Sunday! Although it was unfortunate that my birthday was on the last day of winter break, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the whole day with the most important people in my life.

I was also lucky enough to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and get this beautiful pearl bracelet from him as a present. I had mentioned in February of last year that I wanted to get myself a pearl bracelet, and he somehow remembered that and ended up getting me one himself ... He's the best.

It feels super weird knowing that I'm officially an adult, but I'm also super excited to see what this new year will bring me! Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes. XO

Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collaboration

I think just about every preppy blogger freaked out, including me, when Target and Lilly Pulitzer released that they would collaborate together this spring. Two of my favorite stores working together? FABULOUS! When I first heard this news, I was super excited. I knew I would be able to get cute and chic Lilly pieces for a really good price, which is awesome.

But then I started to think more about it and realized something. Lilly Pulitzer isn't sold in tons of places, but Target has stores everywhere. Once the spring line comes out in stores, so many people who have never worn Lilly before will start buying it and wearing it. Lilly will almost become mainstream. Although that's exciting, I have taken pride in the fact that very few people that I know in real life wear Lilly like I do. I have always been different, in a good way, because of it. I'm not saying that Lilly Pulitzer will become the next Abercrombie or Hollister, because it certainly won't; but I do have a feeling that people who have never even heard of Lilly or worn it before will suddenly start claiming they "love" it.

How can I take pride in my clothes and style knowing that everyone else will soon be wearing the same thing? I love the fact that I'm different from everyone else I know in person instead of being the same. But once this collaboration premiers, I'll no longer be able to have my own little wardrobe that no one else that I know really has.

What are your thoughts on this collaboration?

Goals for 2015

When a new year comes around, I love creating resolutions as motivation to become a better person and make the most of my life. I even plan on printing out my goals and hanging them up in my room as a constant reminder!

one // me
develop a healthy lifestyle: Over the summer, I went to the gym almost every single day, ate a ton of healthy food, and pretty much inhaled fruit water. But when school started and my gym membership expired, I got out of those healthy habits because I simply did not have the time to renew my membership and stay on track with the right foods. As an 18th birthday present, my parents are renewing my gym membership for me. I am going to go to the gym whenever I can, drink lots of water, and be more conscious about the foods I eat.

stay organized: For about the past month, I have neglected using my agenda and to-do list notebook. This has sort of become a problem because those two items are vital to my life; they help to keep me focused and on track. I am going to make sure that I always use these in order to make life a little bit easier for me! I got a new planner and desk calendar to use, which I'm super excited about.

remain positive: The older I have gotten, the more positive I have gotten. I rarely ever get mad or upset, and it takes a lot for me to get mad. I always tend to look on the bright side of things and keep an open mind. I have realized that life doesn't always work out the way you want it to, but you should still keep smiling and staying positive. I am going to continue my positivity into 2015.

two // blog
post more: With the combination of senior year, college searching, and my business, I have failed to update my blog. I really haven't posted in over two months when I used to post every single day. I may not be able to start posting every day again right away, but I am going to make sure to post more often.

write snail mail: I have received tons of snail mail from my fabulous blogger gals, but I have been so busy that I don't end up writing back until a month later! I am going to make sure to write back as quickly as possible and find more lovely people to write to. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy super cute stationery ;)

utilize social media: I have also neglected my blog's Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram. I am going to use those more often in order to connect with my readers and other bloggers. I am definitely going to focus on taking prettier Instagram pictures - so many bloggers have the most fabulous Instagram pictures and I am super jealous!

master Photoshop: I am also jealous of the bloggers who have amazing graphics for their blog. I have always wanted to try the free trial of Photoshop to see if I would like it, but I have not had the time to do so. I am going to teach myself how to use Photoshop in order to improve the quality of my blog. This will also help my business!

three // business
get more clients: I am definitely hoping to expand my business, which can be done by getting more clients. I plan on attending major networking events to meet potential clients and putting myself out there on social media.

add more knowledge: Although I do know a lot about social media, there is always more to learn! I am going to research various social media platforms and how to efficiently use them in order to offer more insight to my clients.

offer more services: Another thing that is involved with expanding my business is offering more services. I have some awesome ideas in mind of what I can add to my business, so be sure to keep an eye out!

four // school
pick best college: I have to enroll in a college by May 1, 2015. Out of all of the colleges I get accepted to, I am going to make sure to choose the one that is the best fit for me.

study more: I will admit that I don't study as much as I used to because I realized that studying all the time added to my stress. Although I don't need to spend all of my time studying, I should set aside more time to study in order to keep doing well in school.

make the most of senior year: High school seriously flew by. Senior year has definitely been the best year of high school, and I want to make sure it stays that way. T also leaves for the army in less than six months (!!!), so it's super important to me that we both have a ton of fun before he has to leave.

I am really looking forward to getting started on these goals. I can't wait to see the success they will bring me in 2015!

What goals do you have for 2015?