Midterm Prep

This week marks this beginning of a midterm/finals prep series that I have, and I'm super excited about it! I took my midterms last week, and a lot of high schools have exams this week. It's very important to try your best when it comes to these exams because they often make up a large portion of your grade, and colleges look at them. Make sure you are preparing for these exams the correct way!

one // complete the study guide
Most teachers create study guides or a list of things you need to know for the exam. Make sure you complete each study guide as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to ask any of the questions you may have. If for some reason your teacher does not make you a study guide, make your own study guide! Ask yourself what you think would be on the exam, and go through past notes and tests to compile a guide.

two // look through past notes and tests
Look through all of the notes, tests, and quizzes you have taken for each class. My teachers don't use the same exact questions from past tests on the exam, but they do use really similar ones. Looking through notes and any past tests can give you another source of information to study. It will also really help to correct any questions you may have gotten wrong to ensure that you know the correct answer now.

three // have study groups
In the class(es) that you struggle with the most, form a study group! It was really helpful for me to have a study group for AP Calc because that is my hardest class. Study groups are a great source because if you don't understand something, chances are someone else will. And if someone else doesn't understand something, chances are you will. It's a really nice and easy way to learn things you are confused about because sometimes it's easier to have someone your age explain something to you instead of someone much older explain something to you. Just make sure to not get distracted!

four // take breaks
It's extremely important to take breaks while studying for long periods of time. When studying for a while, you get burnt out, distracted, and bored. Taking a 15-minute break around every hour and a half can allow you to come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on your tasks again. Breaks that you can take are painting your nails, checking social media, reading a magazine, and more. Just make sure that you don't go over your designated break time because then it will be harder to get back to studying!

five // make notes of your notes
One thing that I like to do is make notes on my study guides. Once they are completed, I take a couple highlighters and a couple pens and just mark up my study guides. I jot down little notes on the sides to remember certain things, and I highlight key information. This is really good with memory!

six // spend time on what you don't know
Spend more time on the information you don't know or the information you're iffy about. It's really important to make sure you know everything inside and out, so you might need to designate more time to certain topics.

seven // study whenever you can
Whenever you have time, study! The more you study, the more the information will build up in your head. Study in the car, at the end of class, before you go to bed, whenever you have time. Every second counts and will help you more!

How do you prep for midterms/finals?

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