Review :: Lifeguard Press

I was recently sent a Kate Spade 2015 agenda from Lifeguard Press, and I'm absolutely in love with it! I got it in Bella Bookshelf, which is such a cute print.

I can't wait to start using it once August comes around! I love how there are dividers for each month, notes sections, and quotes for each month. It's super organized, so I highly suggest that you get it if you love simple yet efficient planners!

What do you think of the Kate Spade agendas?

J. Crew Purchases

J. Crew has been having so many sales lately, and I'm obsessed! I get their emails sent to me, which is probably a bad idea because I've had trouble turning down the past two sales. But yet again, I need clothes for summer so I knew I couldn't resist!

green crew tee // anchor crew tee // anchor pocket tee // white crew tee // blue 3" chino shorts // anchor skirt

I've already worn the green tee with my Lobstah Roll shorts, and the outfit looked adorable! Everything else was just too cute to pass up. I already have a white Polo tee, but I thought I should get another white tee because it's always good to have two of those.

Did you get anything from the J. Crew sale?

Monogrammed CamelBak

Over the past couple of months, I have developed a healthier lifestyle by going to the gym a lot, drinking lots of water, and eating healthier foods. I wanted to get a water bottle that would not only cause me to eat lots of water but would also be easy to put fruit in! That's when I decided to get a CamelBak, but of course I had to get it monogrammed!

I got my CamelBak from SouthernSassGSU. The CamelBaks seemed to have a really good quality, and the price was great! I got the bottle about a week after I purchased it, and I have used it every day ever since. The bottle holds .75 L, and I fill it up about five times a day! I always drink more of something when there is some type of straw, and the mouthpiece is basically a straw.

I bring my CamelBak with me everywhere - the gym, school, work, a friend's house, etc.! I'm obsessed with it.

What type of water bottle do you use?

Jack Rogers Jelly Sandals

After lusting over all of the Georgica Jelly Sandals, I decided to get the white ones! Although the colored ones are really cute, I felt that the white ones are the most practical to get because they can go with basically any outfit.

I ordered the sandals online, so I was worried that they would feel uncomfortable on my feet. However, they are so comfy! I wore them to a grad party, and they didn't hurt my feet at all. I'm planning on getting a lot of use out of these this summer!

Do you have a pair of Georgica Jelly Sandals?

Summer Bucket List

Earlier this year, Tyler decided that he wanted to join the army after graduating high school. A little over a month ago, he officially signed his contract to join the army for six years working in a helicopter. For the first three years, he will learn how to repair helicopters and be a door gunner. For the last three years, he will fly helicopters. Once he gets out of the army, the army will provide with a job for a company as a helicopter engineer, which is amazing because that job has a really good salary, and he wouldn't even have to go to school for it!

Tyler ships out to base on June 16, 2015. I'm so proud of him because joining the army is so courageous, but I'm obviously really scared too. The good thing is Tyler gets thirty vacation days each year. I know that everything will work out the way it's supposed to! Because Tyler ships out in early June, this is basically our last summer together until after he gets out of the army. I wanted to make this summer the best one yet since it'll be our last until the six years are over, so we decided to make a bucket list together. I thought I would share it with all of you! Some of these are so stupid and corny, but T promised me we would do all of them!

1. Go to the beach at least five times
2. Take a day trip to the Vineyard
3. Bike the Canal
4. Go on a hike
5. Have a fire and make s'mores
6. Make our own dinner and a dessert
7. Make a travel journal of everywhere we want to visit
8. Go to a Red Sox game
9. Watch the stars
10. Draw with chalk
11. Try a new restaurant
12. Go to Six Flags (completed 6/17!!!)
13. Use sparklers
14. Blow bubbles
15. Go fishing
16. Get ice cream
17. Collect seashells and seaglass
18. Go to the Cape
19. Go to Boston
20. Watch the sunset
21. Go mini golfing
22. Go on a picnic

I'm so excited to complete all of these! They're all fairly easy to do.

Vineyard Vines Purchases

When Vineyard Vines had the friends & family sale about a month ago, I knew that I just had to take advantage of it! I am always on the hunt for summer clothes because it's the only time that I don't have to wear a school uniform. Summer clothes, Vineyard Vines, and sales are three of my favorite things, so I knew it was meant to be!

When I was little, I used to own lots of polos. As I got older, I didn't really own any. When this sale came up, I knew it would be the perfect time to get some polos! I decided to get the polo dress in green and the polo in red. I really wanted the dress in pink, but they ran out of my size, so I thought green would be better. I wanted the red polo shirt because I don't have any red shirts, and I knew it would be perfect for my Fourth of July outfit! I also got a hat in navy, which would be perfect for the beach and the pool. I haven't had a chance to wear the dress or the shirt yet, but I'm so excited to wear them!

Did you buy anything from the friends and family sale?

Cute Stationery

I've been starting to write cute little snail mail to some of my blogger friends, so I have been on the hunt for adorable stationery to use! My favorite places to look are Etsy and Sugar Paper. Check out some of my favorites below!

What type of stationery do you like to use?

Lilly Purchases

My life has consisted of tons of online shopping lately! I'm going to break down the shopping into different posts depending on the store, so this post is going to show what I got from Lilly.

I got the Callahan shorts in Lobstah Roll and a navy crew shirt! I'm absolutely obsessed with the shorts, but I haven't had a chance to wear the shirt yet. I knew that I had to get something in the Lobstah Roll print, but I couldn't decide between the Delia shift or the Callahan shorts. I already have two different prints in the Delia shift and a million pairs of Callahan shorts, but I decided to go with the Callahan shorts anyway. I was thrilled with my choice! I decided to get a plain navy shirt because I realized that I didn't have any navy shirts, and it would be a good idea to have a plain one because it would go well with any of my colored shorts.

Today is also #NationalWearYourLillyDay, so I'm excited to pull out one of my Lilly items to wear!

Have you recently bought anything from Lilly?


I would first like to start this post out by apologizing for not having any posts for the past couple of weeks... the end of the school year and all of the craziness that came with it made me super busy! My last day of school was last Thursday, and I took the past week to just relax and rewind from school. However, I am now as ready as ever to bring on tons of lovely blog posts! Enjoy. Xo


About a month ago was prom! I had so much fun. It was raining the whole day, which made me super nervous about my hair and makeup, but everything turned out to be fine. I have loads of pictures that I took, but I'll only share a few! I obviously went to prom with T, and in case any of you forgot, he asked me to prom in the most adorable way.

I had such a fun night full of dancing, food, and laughter with my friends and boyfriend! I couldn't believe that months of preparation was over just after one single night. It made me sad when prom ended, but I'm so excited to make senior prom even better!

How was your prom?