Storm Watch

My town in Massachusetts has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, so I didn't have school today. I don't have school tomorrow, either. My house unfortunately lost power, so we've been using the generator since 3 today. Unfortunately, my dad is turning the generator off when he goes to work tomorrow. I've been trying to charge everything I can so nothing will die on me tomorrow and I won't be so bored.

All I can do is pray that the power comes back on over night, but I'm not sure if that will happen!

Happy for the Weekend

It seems like the weekend is one of the few things that I have to look forward to. Every day during the week, I find myself constantly wishing it was the weekend. My weeks seem to drag on for years, and then my weekends seem to go by in the blink of an eye.

The reasons why I always look forward to the weekend is so I can hang out with my friends and boyfriend, catch up on sleep, and do homework. I tend to be more relaxed on the weekends, even though they're always filled with homework. When will I ever get a long break to just relax?

Not So Bad After All

My week did end up getting better, which I was happy about! I got the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, and I absolutely love it. I love having a smart phone instead of a phone that could only text and call. Smart phones tend to come in handy.

Also, Eduard Leonard, a member of the band Overtone, answered my DM on Twitter! He's also on the show Mrs. Eastwood and Company, which I love. Dina Eastwood was the manager of his band. It was so cool to be able to talk to someone famous, even though he only has about 11,000 followers on Twitter. I was so excited!

I also got to reconnect with my old English teacher last year, which I was very happy about. She is one of my all-time favorite teachers, so it was so nice to talk to her after not being able to see her every day due to her switching schools.

I Was Wrong

Okay so in response to my last post... just when I thought things were getting better, I was wrong. Let's just say that I hate fighting with someone who means so much to me and hate making people upset.

I thought my day was getting better when I saw that Morgan Eastwood replied to my tweet and retweeted me, but then I found out it was a fake account. I literally love Morgan Eastwood, so thinking that she did those literally made my day, but then it just got ruined again.

It Gets Better

As shown in my last post, last night was just one of those sad, lonely nights. Luckily, I'm feeling much better today and much more positive.

The two highlights of my weekend had to be finishing my book yesterday and finding out today that I won't be quizzed on the fifty-four terms I have for history until next week, not this week. I haven't been able to sleep much on this three-day weekend, even though I was hoping I would, because of the fact that I've felt drowned in homework. I've been working on homework for about the past two hours with little five minute breaks here and there. Fortunately, I'm done with geometry and halfway done with the history terms. All I need to do is study for chem, English, Spanish, and geometry.

I hope you've all had a good weekend!

One of Those Days

Four words:

I'm not good enough.