Making Your Fall Coffee Healthy

pumpkin caramel swirl black

After seeing Sydney's post about making your fall coffee healthy, I became inspired to write my own because I actually made mine healthier too! Fun fact: I've never had a PSL from Starbucks. Ever. I know - how can I be a blogger without having one?! To be honest, the closest Starbucks is about twenty minutes away from me, and I just don't see the point in traveling the distance just to get a drink. My fall drink obsession then? Pumpkin caramel swirl coffee from Dunkin Donuts!

I used to get my coffee made extra extra, but it wasn't until the end of the school year last year that I switched to just milk. I know, it's such a drastic change! Although getting a coffee made extra extra makes it taste really good, working at a coffee shop made me realize how much cream and sugar is actually put into that coffee, and it actually disgusted me that I was basically drinking more cream and sugar than I was drinking coffee!

So I made the switch to just milk, and it still makes my coffee taste really good. But since the pumpkin caramel swirl coffee I get from Dunkin Donuts is made using two sugary syrup swirls, I came to the conclusion that getting it made with just milk is even a little too sweet for me. So I changed it to getting made black! And it's still delicious.

I love getting this as my fall drink since pumpkin is only seasonal, but I did not like the calorie and sugar count that came with it. Getting this certain coffee made black is a much healthier version of a delicious drink!

How do you get your fall coffee made?

Blog Help Links

Although I really enjoy planning my dream wedding and future house on Pinterest *sigh*, Pinterest can be really helpful when it comes to finding tips, tricks, and information. I have a whole board dedicated to blogging that has tons of helpful links. I plan on reading through all of them at some point when I have time, but these are some that I plan on reading!

Which posts do you plan on reading?

Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming Dresses
one // two // three // four

October arriving in just a couple of days means that homecoming is right around the corner! I always have so much fun shopping for homecoming dresses. I usually like to stick to black/navy dresses because 1) you can accessorize them with anything and 2) they are darker colors that would look good for fall/winter weather.

Although I already have my homecoming dress (the first one!), I love the three other choices as well. I like to stick with simple yet stylish dresses for homecoming, and all four of these are perfect for the occasion.

What do you have in mind for homecoming dresses?

Turn Bad Days Into Lessons

I'll admit that I had a really bad day yesterday. Like probably one of the worst days I've had in a while. It would be too long to go into details, but here is a summary of what happened.

one // I'm pretty sure I literally got a 0 on my AP English pop quiz because we were allowed to use our notes that we took on the article we read, but the notes had to be separate from the article and not on the actual article itself. I had spent an hour the night before reading the 17-page article, highlighting important information, and writing notes on the sides of the papers. I had no idea we couldn't do it on the actual article, so I had no notes to use and therefore could not retain any information about the article. Luckily I wasn't the only one who did this.
two // The last time I had Spanish before yesterday was on Tuesday. We had a Spanish test scheduled for yesterday, but my teacher said on Tuesday that he didn't think the test would end up being on Thursday and that he would push it back. So I didn't study at all on Wednesday night because I was planning on studying Thursday. Guess what happens? I walk into class yesterday and have to take the test, EVEN THOUGH HE SAID HE DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD BE ON THURSDAY!!!, and didn't feel that prepared. Great.
three // The period before I had Spanish was study. I was planning on spending that whole time studying for Spanish, not knowing the test was going to be that day, but then I got a pass to go to guidance because my counselor wanted to talk to me about colleges. I ended up only having 15 minutes of study because the rest of my time was spent in guidance, which means I barely got to study for my test. Great.

So yes, it was a really bad day. And yes, my boyfriend felt really bad so he ended up buying me an iced coffee and a donut before his football practice after school (he's awesome!). Anyway, I'm usually a super optimistic person, so I started thinking to myself, How can I learn from this and make sure it doesn't happen again? And I came up with great plans for all three of my bad situations.

one // From now on, don't take notes directly on an article/piece of literature you're assigned for a class. Always take notes in a separate document on your iPad or in a notebook. You never know when you might get a pop quiz on the info and will be able to use your notebook!
two // Even if a teacher says the test will be pushed back, still study for it as if it will still be on the original day. In fact, start studying subjects right as you get information so you will be prepared for any test and any quiz at any time.
three // Don't rely on your study/free period to get assignments done because you never know if you're going to have an interruption. Get the majority of your homework done at home, and do what you can't do at home in your study. Or even better, do next week's assignments in study after you finish the assignments for this week!

I think that we are all able to take any bad situation, no matter how much it sucks, and learn a good lesson out of it. Turn your mistakes into tips and make your past your companion.

How do you learn from bad days?


I am so excited to announce that I am now a fall intern for Brittney Cardillo! Brittney is an events planner and the lifestyle blogger behind Hosting & Toasting. Her blog is amazing, and she is so sweet! I had been following her on Twitter for quite a while because she is friends with Carly Heitlinger, so when I saw that she tweeted about needing a social media intern for the fall, I jumped at the opportunity!

I love social media and managing different social media platforms, just like I did for my internship last summer. I have only been an intern for Brittney for a couple of days, and I already love it! I'm so excited to get the experience and learn new things.

Three Years

Today marks mine and Tyler's anniversary, which means this is our third anniversary together! It's so weird to think about how we met the second day of freshman year, started dating three weeks later, and have been together ever since. It's even more weird to think about how we have spent legit all of high school together!

These past three years have literally been the best three years for my life, and I have T to thank for that. So excited to see what the future holds for us!


On Saturday, I went to Tyler's uncle's wedding! After knowing him and his fiance for the past three years, it was so nice to see them get married. The actual ceremony was in a gazebo by the water, which was really pretty. It was super windy!

The reception was at a restaurant in another town by the water. The restaurant was actually right on the water, so the view was amazing! We went outside to take pictures, but it was even more windy there and absolutely freezing.

The wedding was so much fun! I just love weddings in general because it's amazing and heartwarming to see two people who love each other make it official that they're going to spend the rest of their lives together. At first I was iffy on wearing black to the wedding because it's technically not fall yet, but I knew I made the right choice when I got there because a ton of other girls/women were wearing black too!

Have you been to any weddings recently?

Two Year Blogaversary

It's so crazy to think that two years ago to this day, I first started my blog! My blog has come a super long way that day, and I love the way it is now. I can't believe that it has already been two years, but time flies when you're having fun ;)

I'd like to personally thank all of my readers, followers, and sponsors. My blog wouldn't be where it is without all of you! I appreciate your loyalty to my blog.

Cheers to many more years!

Advice For New Bloggers

When I first started blogging, I didn't have the intention of other people reading my blog. It was just a way to share my thoughts and ideas and have a creative outlet. Once I started coming across other blogs that I liked, I wanted to interact with other bloggers and actually have other people read my posts.

There wasn't any type of guide for me to follow to help bring up the readership on my blog, so I basically had to figure out ways for myself. As a new blogger, it can get very frustrating when you see that each post is only get three page views! So, I worked really hard using the tips below to get people to notice me and have a successful blog.

one // email other bloggers
The first thing I did when I find other blogs I liked was emailed all of those bloggers. Emailing other bloggers is a great way to get advice on how to promote your blog, and you get to build relationships with other bloggers. I also found that once I contacted those bloggers and told them what my blog link was, they usually checked out my blog and followed it!

two // get on social media
I have a personal Twitter and Instagram, but I didn't want to get it all mixed up with my blogging stuff. So, I decided to make a Twitter and Instagram specifically for blogging! I followed a ton of bloggers on both of those, and being on social media helped to promote my blog because so many people use social media.

three // keep ideas fresh and new
Always post about unique and fresh ideas. It's great if a blogger's post inspires you to write a certain post, but make sure you make it your own. Keep your mind open to new ideas, and always have an idea ready ot post about!

four // join groups
There are so many Facebook groups for bloggers. The groups can be based off of where you live, what type of blog you have, etc. Join any group that you qualify for or any group that interests you! Most groups allow the members to share links to blog posts, social media sites, etc., which can be really helpful in getting your blog passed around.

five // stay organized
Staying organized when it comes to blogging is very important. Get a blogging notebook to keep track of all of your post ideas and when you'll be posting them. This is super helpful because then when you sit down to write posts, you'll have ideas to use!

six // promote other bloggers
One thing I always do is promote other bloggers. If I read a post that I really like, I tweet a link to it. Most bloggers want to get their blog noticed as well, so it's really nice to share a post that you may like! And doing so may even result in someone tweeting a link to one of your posts as well ;)

seven // wait for sponsors
Although getting free products or money in exchange for a blog post can be super exciting, wait before you start to email companies about sponsoring. Companies usually prefer a certain amount of followers, average page views per month, etc. Work on really getting your blog noticed and up there, and then search for possible sponsors!

eight // post consistently
The more you post, the bigger your audience will get. Come up with a consistent posting schedule and stick to it! I've always posted every day, except when I've been so busy that I just couldn't post at all. Posting every day has worked out really well for me! However, if you post every day, make sure the posts are meaningful and unique. If you feel as if your posts won't have much quality if you post every day, then post every other day or something like that. Do what's best for you!

These are just some of the many things I did as a new blogger to get me where I am now. I've received multiple emails from new bloggers asking for advice, so I thought a post would be a great idea. If you need more advice, please feel free to email me!

How did you get your blog to be successful after being a new blogger?

Apps for the Working Girl

The older we get, the more tasks we start to take on. Not only do we get jobs, but we also participate in activities and organizations that require lots of organization.

Like every other girl my age, my iPhone has become super important to me. I'm constantly replying to emails, networking with people on Twitter, texting my friends, etc. However, there are some apps that I've come to realize are super important for any working girl to have.

one // Gmail
Most people have a Gmail account. I used to just use the regular Mail app on my phone and iPad, but then I decided to give the Gmail app a try. I fell in love with it! I love that you can have multiple accounts hooked up onto it at once and you get notifications for each email that comes in. I'm then able to reply to emails quickly and efficiently. It's also really easy to use! For some reason, my emails don't send in my school when I use the Mail app. However, when I use the Gmail app, they send right away, which is awesome.

two // Hootsuite
A lot of bloggers use Hootsuite to schedule posts on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I don't schedule any social media posts for my blog, but because I'm the manager of Undeniable's Twitter, I use Hootsuite every day to schedule tweets. If you have social media platforms that you would like to schedule posts on, Hootsuite is the way to go! It's super easy to use, and you can have multiple accounts hooked up to it.

three // Bitly
Whenever I use a link, I always use Bitly. Bitly takes a link and shortens it to make the link look cleaner and more organized. You can even customize the link URL to what you want. My favorite thing about Bitly is being able to track the links. It allows you to see how many times the link was clicked and when it was clicked, which is awesome for statistics! This is really helpful for when I tweet links to my blog posts because then I can see how many people clicked on the link in the tweet.

four // Twitter
Most people have a Twitter, but my Twitter app has three different accounts on it: my personal Twitter, my blog Twitter, and Undeniable's Twitter. I mostly use my blog Twitter and Undeniable's Twitter, so having the app easily allows me to reply to tweets and post tweets. I do a lot of networking on my blog Twitter, so that Twitter is the most important to me.

five // calendar
Each iPhone comes with the calendar app - so use it!!! Put any tasks, events, appointments, etc. that you may have into it. I don't use the calendar too much because I always have my agenda with me, but I love that it sends you alerts when you have an event for that day.

These are just five of many apps that have made my life ten times easier when it comes to handling my blog and Undeniable's Twitter. Society now mainly focuses on technology, so being up-to-date with it will really help you out in the long run!

Which apps do you think are perfect for the working girl?


School Essentials

When school comes around, I always rely on the same six essentials to get me through the school year. They help me to have a successful, organized year and make my life ten times easier!

one // agenda
I would be lost without my Lilly agenda. I carry it around with me everywhere, and I use it to keep track of important things such as when I'm babysitting or working, when assignments are due, when I'm having a test, etc. I've used the calendar on my iPhone before to keep track of things, but I've always preferred using an actual planner.

two // notebooks
I always have tons of spare notebooks hanging around my desk because you never know when you're going to need a notebook! One notebook that I always have with me is my to-do list notebook. I use it to write down reminders, assignments I need to do, tests I need to study for, etc. Notebooks can also be used to keep track of ideas, such as my blog post notebook! Maxie McCoy also came up with five lists that each girl should be keeping, which are great uses for notebooks.

three // pens/pencils
I usually use pens to write because it makes my notes look cleaner, and pen sticks out to me more when I'm studying. I always use pencils on quizzes and tests so I can fix any mistakes I may make!

four // highlighters
Highlighters are so beneficial to me. I use them to cross off tasks I've already done and make important points in my notes. They're a lifesaver when it comes to studying!

five // coffee
Coffee is literally my best friend when it comes to doing homework. When I'm doing homework on Sundays and start to feel myself getting exhausted from the long week I had, I make myself an iced coffee with just milk! This gives me more energy and makes me feel motivated.

six // iPad
I've mentioned this a couple of times before, but my school requires each student to have an iPad. The majority of my books and notes are on my iPad, so I'm always using it in school and while doing homework. So basically if I lose my iPad or it breaks... I'm screwed. Anyway, it's super helpful to have around while doing homework and taking notes!

What are your school essentials?

Pumpkin Spice Season

Tis the season for pumpkin spice, fa la la la la la la la la! Once September hits, I immediately get into "fall mode" and start to obsesses over pumpkin spice products. I think it's a great way to welcome fall, so I picked out some of my favorite pumpkin spice items!

What are your favorite pumpkin spice products?

A Peek Inside My To-Do List Notebook

Because I am always looking for and thinking of new ways to stay organized, I decided to modify my to-do list notebook. I wanted to get a cuter notebook to make the to-do list more fun, and what was better than this one?! I also needed a new way to write and cross off my tasks. I found that the way I wrote my tasks was too vague, and highlighting them once they were done made it seem like I had important things to do.

So I came up with this method! It's really similar to my blog notebook setup. I number all of the tasks to separate them from each other. Next to the number is basically the main idea of the task. If there is anything else I need to remember or do for that task, I write it in bullet points underneath. Then if there is a certain due date for the task, I write it in parentheses next to the task. That is super helpful for when I have homework assignments to do or tests to study for! Lastly, once the task is done, I highlight the number to indicate it's finished.

This has worked really well for me so far, and I can't wait to continue to use it!

How do you organize your to-do lists?

Review // Nuts For Paper

One thing I've been obsessing over lately is my new notebook from Nuts For Paper! I chose the "my dreams will come true" notebook because the quote is so inspirational and motivational. The ladies over at Nuts For Paper picked out the color for me, and it's absolutely perfect!

I plan on using my notebook for writing down my entrepreneurial ideas and notes. I think it's the perfect notebook for that because the quote completely reflects an entrepreneur's mindset! The notebook is also the perfect size for throwing into a purse or backpack.

Along with quote notebooks, Nuts For Paper has travel books, list books, dream books, cook books, matchbooks, and calendars/planners. I love the fact that everything is handmade! I'd love to get a planner because you can never have too many of those, right?

What do you like from Nuts For Paper?

Disclosure: I was provided with a notebook, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Utoria BYOB

I'm so excited to say that I'm attending the Utoria BYOB fall tour in Boston! Utoria was founded by Tori Molnar, a seventeen-year-old entrepreneur whose life mission is to help other young entrepreneurs reach their goals. I have been following Tori on Twitter for about a year now, so when I found out that she was coming to Boston, I freaked!

Utoria BYOB stands for "become your own boss." The tour is a one-day event full of activities to help the girls with planning out their business. This tour includes pre-planning before the event on business ideas, and there is also one-on-one mentoring with Tori for four weeks after the event. Only ten girls can attend each event, so I was very lucky when I was accepted!

Ever since I was little, I've known I've wanted to do something in business when I'm older. It wasn't until this past year that it dawned on me that entrepreneurship is exactly what I want to do! I want to be an entrepreneur because I've always loved the idea of owning my own business. I used to obsess over having lemonade stands in the summer when I was younger because I loved the thought of making my own money. I've had tons of different entrepreneurial ideas running through my mind, and I would love to make one (or maybe even more!) of them a reality.

I feel that Utoria BYOB is the perfect next step for starting my own business because it's such an awesome support system. Being an entrepreneur can be super overwhelming, so it's so helpful to have Utoria to help you map out your business plan and put your ideas to life. It's also amazing for networking because you get to meet successful entrepreneurs and other young girls who are working on becoming entrepreneurs as well.

I seriously can't wait to attend the tour! If you're interested in entrepreneurship and attending Utoria BYOB, you can read more about it here. The Boston event still has some spots left, and it's also going to Virginia Beach and Atlanta. Apply for entry ASAP!

Have you heard of Utoria BYOB?

Mermaid Mania

shirt: Lilly Pulitzer // shorts: Lilly Pulitzer // shoes: Jack Rogers

I picked up this pullover at the After Party Sale, and I've been in love with it ever since! It's the perfect shirt to wear when it's a little bit cold out, which is exactly why I wore it.

I'm obsessed with the mermaid embroidery. So cute and such a perfect touch! I love that although this will be worn in the fall or winter, it adds a summery feel because of the mermaids.

How do you style nautical clothing in colder weather?

What To Consider In Colleges

Now that I'm a senior in high school, the college search is even more important. There have been a number of factors I've looked into while touring colleges, and I felt that I should share them in case there are any other juniors or seniors who are doing the college search as well!

one // price
Price is probably the biggest factor. All of the schools I'm looking at are ridiculously expensive. I'm hoping to get some financial aid and scholarships! Price can either make or break a school. If money is a big problem, it might be better to choose the school that is the cheapest or gives the most financial aid.

two // distance
Distance is probably the next biggest factor for me. I don't want to leave New England because I want to be able to easily travel home if I need to, so I haven't even bothered to look at schools outside of New England. If you want to stay close, look at schools that are only a few hours away. However, if you want to go far, look wherever you'd like!

three // majors
This is obvious, but look at schools that have what you want to major in unless you're undecided! It would be best to look at schools that focus on your major or have a good program for it.

four // perks
I have been focusing a lot on the perks at each school I've been looking at. Some perks I've paid attention to are how nice the gym is for working out, if free rides are offered into the city, and any coffee shops that are nearby.

What are things you've been considering in colleges?

Statement Necklaces

An accessory I'm starting to obsess over lately is statement necklaces. They are such classic pieces that can really add the perfect touch to an outfit! My favorites are from J. Crew factory because they are adorable and such a great price. I tend to buy plain statement necklaces so they can go with any of my outfits!

one // two // three

Which one is your favorite?

Major Wishlist

Just like almost every other teenage girl, online shopping kills me. I'm always looking at different websites and finding the cutest clothes, perfect accessories, and amazing things. I have a little wishlist of major items I want that will most likely be turning into my Christmas list in a couple of months!

I'm so obsessed with all of these and hope I can get at least one of them!

What's on your wishlist?

Undeniable Report

I'm going to be writing for the Undeniable Report, and I can't wait! I'm going to be writing for the business column, which is so exciting because I love business. The Undeniable Report is a lifestyle website created for girls that will feature articles about business, wellness, travel, and more.

Along with writing for Undeniable, I'm handling the Twitter account! I love social media, especially Twitter, so I was thrilled when the opportunity came across for me to manage the account. Be sure to follow it!

If you are interested in writing for Undeniable, please contact Mack, the VP of Undeniable Resources, at