Graduation Dresses

With graduation coming up on Thursday (!!!), I have loved putting together outfits for the end-of-senior-year events that come with it: honors night, Baccalaureate, memory night, the actual graduation, and my graduation party.

I bought my graduation dress at the end of the summer last year during Lilly's sale, which I'm so happy that I did because all of my friends are struggling to find the perfect dress! I am yet to even take the tags off my dress, so I'm so excited to finally wear it. Girls usually wear dresses that are pretty neutral for graduation, so I've put together a list of options.
Which dress is your favorite?


  1. Loving the last Lilly dress with the navy and off white crochet stripes! Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  2. Those are all perfect dresses for graduation!! All my friends and I opted for white because it matched the best with our bright royal blue gowns. I would definitely aim for something that doesn't class too much!

    Good luck!! I remember my graduation and while it was extremely stressful walking across a stage with hundreds of parents looking at you, it is really fast so there is no need to be worried. And afterwards you get to celebrate your amazing accomplishment with all your friends and family! It is a day you will remember forever :)

    Annie N Belle

  3. I love your blog! How did you get your pictures in a slide like that? I love it!!

  4. You have so many pretty dresses picked. I always wore white dresses for graduation-it tended to be the tradition at my school. I think it's so much fun having fancy events to dress for!

  5. I love the dress you picked out for graduation ♥ And congrats :)

  6. The last dress (blue/cream) is my favorite! Congrats :)

    xoxo Dani

  7. I tried to pick one dress that was my favorite but I actually love ALL of them. Congrats!!

    Lauren Ashley

  8. Cute picks and congrats on graduating!
    Enjoy your summer.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  9. I love the blue and gold dress that is first in the rotation, but all of the options are so pretty and cute! Congrats on (almost) graduating!

  10. Ahhh all of those Lilly dresses are beautiful! I don't think that I can pick just one!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

  11. Eek! I love them all! I absolutely adore when girls where Lilly dresses for graduation, they're so fun AND appropriate!

    Xo, Rach | Seashells + Sparkles

  12. The Janice shift is perfect - we had to wear white when I graduated high school, but the fun thing about graduating college was that I could wear whatever. I. wanted. And it was glorious!

    Ohio Stripes

  13. Such great picks! I surprisingly put zero thought into my high school graduation dress... I ended up deciding like two nights before that I was going to wear a $14 dress from TJ Maxx. Haha :) For my college graduation, I wore a Lilly with hot pink shoes! Definitely a little more thought involved in that decision ;) Congratulations!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  14. During my senior year my parents bought me a REALLY expensive senior prom dress, so my mom said I had to go cheap with my graduation dress. At my high school the girls also had to wear white dresses, so I just picked up the first white dress I could find at JC Penney haha!! I have since styled it on my blog though- it's still a cute dress though!

    Love the ones you chose! Congrats on your graduation!

    xoxo A

  15. Lovin all your Lilly picks! I'm probably going to wear either white or navy for my college graduation next year :)

  16. Oh. It's so difficult to pick. You have great eyes for the outfit picks. I'm actually loving the sixth one

  17. I love the whites with gold embroidery! Those are the kind of classic dresses that when you look back at pictures, you are so happy you chose that! I'm sure your Lilly will look stunning! Congratulations!!

    How 2 Wear It ...

  18. Absolute love the last dress you posted. Unfortunately I'm super pale and don't look bangin' in white even though I'm OBSESSED with Lilly dresses.

    xx. Brittany
    Southern Soul

  19. Love all these adorable dresses!