DIY :: Valentine's Card

For Valentine's Day last year, I wanted to make my own card for T instead of going out and buying one because I felt that it meant more. After searching through Pinterest for ideas, I took a couple of ideas that I liked and used them in one card.

For the front of the card, I printed out a whale on a piece of computer paper. Then I wrote the words on it with a skinny Sharpie. I took a red piece of construction paper and cut it so that it was the same size as the piece of computer paper. Then I cut a heart in the middle of the construction paper and glued the construction paper to the computer paper. Using a Sharpie, I wrote, "I love you so much" and doodled some designs around the heart. The card wasn't hard to make, but it took me a while to make it!

Are you planning on making your own card this year?

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  1. How i love that beautiful card! I love the sweet Valentines day wishes inside to it too. Cheers xxxx