Drinking More Water

One thing I've really focused on this year is drinking more water and green tea. So far, it's worked! However, I realized that drinking more water is a lot easier when you spread the amount out throughout the day instead of drinking it all at once because then you'll feel like you'll explode!

I follow a lot of fitness accounts on Twitter, and when I came across the picture below, I saved it to my phone because I love it. It gives an easy plan to drinking more water, and I think it's so cool how it shows how water actually helps the body!

If you follow the amount that the picture says, it will be a total of seven glasses because there are three meals in a day. You're supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, so you could add an extra glass to before taking a bath or before going to bed! You'll most likely end up drinking more than eight glasses a day if you follow this schedule anyway if you have water with your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks.

I've been drinking two water bottles throughout each school day, so I'll be golden if I add this list onto it. I'm excited to try this idea!

How do you drink lots of water?


  1. The Blonde Prep latest post and this one go hand in hand today! I'm definitely going to give this system a try - I need to get better at drinking water! Thanks for sharing!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  2. I need to drink ore water too. I for sure dont drink enough! I am goign to try to do this system!! It seems like it wont be that hard to do!!! And good luck to you doing it!!! :)

    Love Always,

  3. I think K & I drink more water than most fish - haha! We've never been big on sodas, but we always carry a water bottle with us. I just get so thirsty all the time!!

    xo, B

  4. I do my best to drink a lot of water, but sometimes I don't get nearly enough. Thanks for the reminder!

    Constance || Prep Northwest