Jelly Sandals

Jelly Sandals

I never would have thought jelly sandals would come back into style! I remember wearing them at least ten years ago. I had two pairs: a sparkly purple and a green. I've always thought jelly sandals are adorable, but they seemed more appropriate for little girls than for women.

However, I recently came across the Georgica Jelly Sandal from Jack Rogers, and I am obsessed! Jack Rogers makes jelly sandals look elegant, stylish, and mature. I absolutely love the bright yellow, black, white, and navy/red! I'm planning on getting a pair of these soon. The only problem I'll have is picking a color!

What do you think of jelly sandals?

Honors Night

In the middle of May each year, my school hosts an "Honors Night" for students who have excelled. The night includes the handing out of academic letters, scholarships, awards, etc. Not everyone gets one of these though, so my school hands out invitations to the people who are receiving something.

I received an academic letter for having above a 3.5 GPA, and I happened to receive a book award as well! Book awards are handed out to a select group of juniors. A book award consists of a scholarship to a college and a book. I got the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and a scholarship of $1,000/year to Chatham University in Pittsburgh if I decide to go there! I was selected for this book award for excelling in English and science and for caring about the environment.

I wore my favorite piece of Lilly clothing, the Delia dress in Lets Cha Cha, along with my silver Jacks. The next day, my AP English teacher told me she loved the dress! She also knew it was from Lilly ;)

Does your school have something similar to Honors Night?

Prom Essentials

With my prom on Thursday (eek!), I thought it would be fun and necessary to do a post on a few prom essentials. Most girls bring clutches to prom, and there are a few items that are important to bring in the clutch!

Prom Essentials
chapstick // mascara // perfume // bobby pins // hair ties

Chapstick for when your lips get dry from talking and laughing to your friends so much. Mascara for when your makeup starts to fade from laughing so much. Perfume for when you get a little sweaty while dancing. Bobby pins for when your hair starts to fall apart. Hair ties for when your hair just needs to get out of your face.

What do you think should be considered prom essentials?

Kate Spade Snapshots

One of my favorite stores to go to is Kate Spade because of all of the cute items they have (obviously!) and the way the store is set up. Each store always has cute little decorations. When I went to the outlet store a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't not take pictures of some items that I loved! I wanted to take a picture of a quote, but unfortunately, it was on the wall above the cash register... I wasn't going to try to awkwardly take a picture of the cashiers!

Have you ever been to a Kate Spade store?

Fruit Water

One thing I have loved to do lately is put fruit in my water! I usually only put strawberries and lemon in my water, but I recently have been adding lime to that as well. I just grab a tumbler, fill it with ice and water, cut up some fruit, throw it in the tumbler, drink it, and then refill the water once it's all gone! It's a great and healthy way to add some flavor to your water. I have found that it has even made me drink more water because of how good it tastes!

I recently found on Pinterest that adding strawberries and lemon to your water helps you to digest and clears up your skin. I also found that adding lemon and lime to your water loosens toxins in your digestive tract and aids in digestion. If any of you are looking to detox, I highly suggest trying one of these waters!

Which detox waters do you like?


Now that summer is right around the corner, I'm planning on saving up all of my money to splurge on cute clothes and accessories to wear. I've been eyeing all of these goodies below!

As with any girl, my list could go on forever!

What's on your wishlist for this summer?

Outlet Purchases

During spring break a couple of weeks ago, I went to the outlets with my best friend because she had to get an outlet for the Her Campus National Pre-Collegiette Conference. When we got there, we realized we picked the perfect day to go because so many of the stores were having amazing sales! We visited a lot of my favorite stores - Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and more. If only there was a Vineyard Vines and Lilly signature store!

Because of the fabulous sales that were going on, I got four items that came to about $200 total! I love going to the outlets near me because of the great deals and the stores that they have. Time to show you all my fabulous finds!

Kate Spade bag - originally $395 but scored for $110!!!

Banana Republic shorts - originally $40 but scored for $20!

J. Crew skirts - originally $64 each but scored for $64 total!

I am absolutely obsessed with all of my purchases. I'd say it was a rather successful shopping day for me! Unfortunately, I've only used the bag once (which I've received many compliments on!) and I haven't worn the skorts or shorts yet. However, I'm planning on definitely wearing these once summer comes!

Have you been on any successful shopping trips recently?

Keds Trendsetter Community

Keds is such a classic brand. Their shoes have been popular for years. My mom wore them when she was younger, and now I have a pair! Keds represents timeless American style, which is why their logo, "the art of what's possible," is so fitting. In 1916, Keds created a timeless American original: a shoe with a soft rubber sole. This shoe is known as the "Champion" and has been around for almost 100 years. The "Champion" has been worn by tennis pros, movie stars, First Ladies, and more. Taylor Swift is the current face of the brand, which is amazing! Two partnership collections that Keds has had are Taylor Swift for Keds and keds x kate spade ny. Considering I'm a huge fan of Kate Spade, I am absolutely in love with the keds x kate spade partnership!

So when I found out that Keds is looking for fashionable girls to join their new, exclusive, online communities, I thought that was so cool. There are two communities: one for ages 13-17, the other for ages 18-24. These communities give girls a chance to inspire some new Keds styles and exchange opinions with each other on a private community 24/7. You can even earn Keds prizes for sharing ideas often! Umm, free prizes? Count me in! Surrounding yourself with girls who have the same interests as you is amazing, so this online community would be such a good experience.

Does this idea interest you as much as it interests me? Click here to sign up! Membership is free, but the spaces are limited. If you are eligible to join the community, you will be contacted by Keds on behalf of their agency, Communispace.

Spots are running out for this amazing online community, so make sure to sign up soon!

Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Study Tips :: AP US History Book

On the 14th, I have my AP US History exam. I've done a crazy amount of studying, but naturally, I'm still very nervous! To study for the exam, I was thinking of just rereading my textbook... which has over 1,000 pages. My history teacher then told me that rereading it wouldn't benefit me at all because there would be information that I wouldn't need, so I would just be wasting my time!

That's when he told me about this book above. This book is amazing. It has various chapters starting at colonial times. The chapters are probably about twenty pages long, but the great part is each chapter only contains the important information. At the end of each chapter are practice multiple choice questions and practice DBQs. My plan is to read this book as many times as I can before the exam and then answer the multiple choice questions!

If you also take APUSH, I highly suggest getting this book. It will help you so much!!

How are you studying for the APUSH exam?