Prom Essentials

With my prom on Thursday (eek!), I thought it would be fun and necessary to do a post on a few prom essentials. Most girls bring clutches to prom, and there are a few items that are important to bring in the clutch!

Prom Essentials
chapstick // mascara // perfume // bobby pins // hair ties

Chapstick for when your lips get dry from talking and laughing to your friends so much. Mascara for when your makeup starts to fade from laughing so much. Perfume for when you get a little sweaty while dancing. Bobby pins for when your hair starts to fall apart. Hair ties for when your hair just needs to get out of your face.

What do you think should be considered prom essentials?

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  1. I think you hit most of the essentials on the head! I always carried a lipgloss instead but chapstick is probably much better! I always had flip flops too!!

    Love Always,