Outlet Purchases

During spring break a couple of weeks ago, I went to the outlets with my best friend because she had to get an outlet for the Her Campus National Pre-Collegiette Conference. When we got there, we realized we picked the perfect day to go because so many of the stores were having amazing sales! We visited a lot of my favorite stores - Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and more. If only there was a Vineyard Vines and Lilly signature store!

Because of the fabulous sales that were going on, I got four items that came to about $200 total! I love going to the outlets near me because of the great deals and the stores that they have. Time to show you all my fabulous finds!

Kate Spade bag - originally $395 but scored for $110!!!

Banana Republic shorts - originally $40 but scored for $20!

J. Crew skirts - originally $64 each but scored for $64 total!

I am absolutely obsessed with all of my purchases. I'd say it was a rather successful shopping day for me! Unfortunately, I've only used the bag once (which I've received many compliments on!) and I haven't worn the skorts or shorts yet. However, I'm planning on definitely wearing these once summer comes!

Have you been on any successful shopping trips recently?


  1. You got such great deals! I love my outlet mall. The J.Crew, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren stores are always having amazing sales. That bag is too cute!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. You got some really great deals! I have some shorts just like that from Old Navy!

    Love Always,

  3. How precious is this? These designs are so cute, I can't stand it. I have always thought that private school kids wear the cutest things, this just proves it.
    Cynthia | http://www.saintfrancisxavierschool.org/pages/StFrancisXavier/School_Info/Mission_Statement