Healthy Breakfasts

One thing I've really been focusing on this summer is being healthy. Breakfast is probably my healthiest meal of the day because I love starting off on a good note and getting the energy I need to get my day going. I have a hot coffee with just a little bit of milk each morning (I prefer hot coffee when I wake up and iced coffee in the afternoon!), but I switch up my meals between the options below.

one // toast
Wheat toast with butter is definitely the breakfast that I have the most. In my opinion, it tastes the best with my coffee and I always prefer wheat bread over white. It's a light yet healthy breakfast that always holds over my hunger for a while!

two // yogurt
I eat yogurt a lot, so I always buy big tubs of Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt and a package of Bear Naked vanilla almond granola. This is possibly the best yogurt and granola combo ever. I used to hate Greek yogurt because of the texture and taste, but now I prefer it over regular yogurt!

three // eggs
I'll admit that I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cooking eggs in the morning; I'm still in the process of waking up at that time, so I never really want to stand around a stove for 15 minutes to make eggs. Instead of doing that, I just boil half a dozen or so eggs at the beginning of each week and will eat two boiled eggs for breakfast -- they are delicious!

four // fruit
I love fruit, especially in the summer! When I eat fruit for breakfast, I'll typically eat a granny smith apple with peanut butter (my obsession with peanut butter is extreme!). If I don't have an apple, I'll have a banana or a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

If I'm on the go early in the morning and don't have time to get breakfast from home, I'll usually get breakfast from Dunkin Donuts. However, I still choose the healthier options -- either a large hot coffee dark with skim milk only or a medium iced dark with skim milk only and a low fat blueberry muffin or a multigrain bagel toasted with butter.

What are your favorite healthy breakfasts?

Favorite Backgrounds

After getting my new MacBook, the first thing I did was find the prettiest background for it. Design Love Fest has the best backgrounds to use, and it was so hard to choose just one! If you're looking for a new background for summer, DLF is the place to go.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Which background is your favorite?

Out With the Old, In With the New

My graduation party was on Saturday, and it was an absolute blast. It was so nice to be surrounded by all of the friends and family that have supported me these past eighteen years. Having everyone's presence there was enough, but I was so blessed to get extremely generous gifts as well.

I knew I wanted to get myself a new laptop for college. I've had the same laptop since freshman year, and it is actually a hand-me-down. The laptop is extremely old. It's very slow, outdated, and inefficient. Blogging became very hard due to this laptop. So on Sunday, I rushed to the Apple store with my graduation money and bought myself a MacBook Air! I'm actually using it right now, and I'm thrilled with the purchase.

Having a much better laptop means that much better things will be coming to the blog! Be sure to stay tuned for new posts and exciting announcements. Thank you for being so patient! XO

Summer Blogging Goals

I always look forward to summer because it's three months of spare time to focus on improving something that I really love: my blog. I blog as much as I can during the school year, but I don't always have the time to blog every single day or improve what is lacking. At the beginning of each summer, I love to come up with blogging goals in order to get my blog where I want it to be.

o n e  |  rebrand
I'm so excited to announce that I will officially be rebranding my little corner of the Internet this summer! Private School Prepster isn't going to reflect me forever, so I'm very happy that I have found a new name that will totally reflect me during college and afterwards. I have come up with a blog design and bought the domain name as well, so I cannot wait until I can finally apply it to my blog! And my blog name is even available for social media handles ;)

t w o  |  step up Instagram game
I'm totally lacking on my Instagram. I don't post pictures on there too often, and I don't always take many pictures that I would like to post. I would love to take better quality pictures and post them on my Instagram. I'm hoping to increase my follower count as well!

t h r e e  |  do outfit posts
I take pride in the fact that out of all seasons, my summer wardrobe is definitely my best wardrobe. It's probably due to the fact that summer is the only time that I actually get to wear real clothes after spending four years in a private school, but it's still my cutest. I have so many cute outfits that I would love to share on the blog, but I have always struggled with taking pictures of them. Where will I take the pictures? What will I use to take the pictures? When will I take the pictures? I'm sick of taking pictures in my backyard with my iPhone; I would love to up the quality of my pictures by taking them in cool locations with a DSLR camera that I'm hoping to get.

f o u r  |  post more
I thought I would be able to post every single day right when summer started, but I have totally been inconsistent. I have still been pretty busy, even though it's summer! I'm hoping to devote a couple of hours one day each week to just writing all of my blog posts for the week. One thing I hate is inconsistency, and I have a bunch of post ideas that I would love to bring to the blog!

f i v e  |  work with brands
I love collaborating with brands because it's a great way to give them some spotlight, and it's a great way for me to find really cool companies that fit my style. I haven't had much time this year to focus on finding brands like I have in previous years, so I'm really hoping to get lots more fun collaborations on here!

s i x  |  collaborate with bloggers
Collaborating with other bloggers is always so much fun. I always love to work with other bloggers, whether it's doing a linkup or sharing an outfit involving a piece that we both have. It's an easy way to get more readers, and it opens your blog up to new possibilities!

Definitely adding these six goals to my inspiration board to remind myself of everything I want to achieve by the end of this summer. Can't wait to see how my blog turns out!

What are your summer blogging goals?

Boyfriend Jeans

I have totally been obsessing over the whole boyfriend jean trend this year. They seriously look good with any type of shoe: a pair of Jacks, pumps, loafers, you name it. I decided to buy my first pair in April from the Gap outlet a half hour away from my house for just $30 (!!!!) due to them being half off! And I am in love with that pair.

My favorite shirts to style with my pair of boyfriend jeans are a plain white or navy shirt. Boyfriend jeans are such a classic wardrobe piece, so I like to pair them with a classic top. Buying a pair has had me itching to buy more, so check out my favorite pairs below!

Which pair of boyfriend jeans is your favorite?

Live Smart Series for Digital Influencers

Ever since I found out about Smart Girls Group during my sophomore year, I have been a huge fan of this organization that Emily Raleigh has created and ran. Empowering girls to reach their full potential and be their own "smart girl" is an extremely important message.

I became a Media Sister for SGG a couple of months ago and I am loving it so far! A Media Sister is someone who uses her smarts on the Internet, whether it be through social media, blogging, Youtube, etc. Each girl that uses the Internet has some sort of influence, and empowering and inspiring other girls through these means is awesome.

SGG will be hosting its very first "Live Smart Series" in New York City on July 12th! At this conference, girls passionate about blogging, vlogging, and social and digital media can learn tons of information from industry experts. Through panels and workshops, girls will be able to see how they can use digital means to really make sure their voices are heard.

I'm still trying to figure out if I can go to the conference because my love for social media and blogging is crazy. If I am able to go, I would love to see some of you there! There is still time to buy tickets, so buy them here. Be smart and share smarts!

Are you planning on attending the Live Smart Series?

Summer Goals

Although my main priorities when it's summer are relaxing and enjoying myself, it's still a rewarding feeling when I'm able to accomplish things and get things done. I love setting goals for myself for the summer and I can't wait to cross them off my list!

workout more // read more // rebrand the blog // eat healthier // blog more // collaborate with more bloggers and brands // work more // buy a new fall wardrobe // get a Macbook

What are your goals for this summer?

4 Ways To Relax

The super crazy and fun senior year I had has left me exhausted. Although I always love to enjoy my summer as much as I can and do tons of fun things with my friends, I really like to spend the first week or two of summer doing a couple of things to catch up on all of my missing rest and relaxation.

one // go to the gym
Most people don't see the gym as very relaxing since it involves a lot of exercise, but I love going to the gym. The gym has always been a great stress reliever for me, and I always feel so refreshed when leaving. Exercising frequently is always a great way to start my summer.

two // read
I absolutely love to read! Unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I would like during the school year to read because I'm always so busy. Summer is always the best time for me to cross books off of my to-read list left and right! I could seriously lay in bed for hours at a time just reading, especially when it's a rainy day like today!

three // watch Netflix
I'm the type of person who can only watch one TV show at a time. I started One Tree Hill a couple of months ago, which I'm obsessed with!, but I'm only on season two because of how busy I've been. I'm dying to finish the whole series by the end of the summer, and I love that I have Netflix on my iPad because I can also enjoy relaxing in my bed while watching it.

four // blog
My blog has definitely lacked this year, which is so disappointing. Blogging has always been relaxing to me, but school had always been my first priority. I'm mostly excited for this summer so I can get my blog on track and spend hours blogging like I love to do! Writing out posts always leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired.

How do you like to relax?


I can't believe I'm now officially a high school graduate! Graduation was definitely bittersweet, but I'm really looking forward to a fun summer ahead with my friends and a new experience at college. After reflecting on my high school experience, I can definitely say that high school was an amazing time for me. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout these past four years! XO