Summer Soccer League

Once summer starts, I start to freak out because that means soccer tryouts for my school's team are right around the corner. Eek! Summer is the time that I really have to focus on being in shape and prepared for tryouts. I would love to play on a club soccer team, but I just haven't found one that can fit with my schedule yet. So, I don't really play soccer in the off-season. Therefore, summer is my time to start playing soccer again.

My school's soccer team is involved in a soccer league during the summer with other high schools from southern Massachusetts. We play every Monday and Thursday night at 6:30. It's down the Cape, which makes it even better! The teams we play aren't the teams that we play during the actual season, but it's good to be prepared and have some practice. My team and I have tons of laughs when we play. It's not something totally serious; it's just a way for us to get back into the groove of playing soccer for those of us who haven't played since last year.

If we lose a game, it's not a big deal to us. However, we always do try our hardest to win. I'll admit that I do dread going to some games, specifically ones that are played in 90 degree weather with no subs... yeah, that's not fun. We've had to play a couple of those types of games so far, and at the end of the game, we're drenched in sweat and feel like we're on our deathbed. The summer soccer league also helps me realize that I need to go running and do other forms of exercise on the days that we don't have games. If I'm getting tired easily in the game, and I know it's not just because of my asthma and the heat, then I know I need to get outside and run. The tryouts for my soccer team involve a ton of conditioning and running, so if I'm not in shape for tryouts, I won't be able to handle them. Luckily, I've been out running, so I feel totally prepared!

The soccer league is something I look forward to every summer. This is my second summer playing in it, and I'm glad I do. If any of you have something like this for your high school's team, I highly suggest you participate in it!

What sports do you do in the summer?

Chobani Vanilla Flip

One thing I've been loving lately is the Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt in the flavor Vanilla Golden Crunch. It is absolutely delicious. I don't usually like Greek yogurt because the texture seems kind of dry to me, and I don't like fruit chunks in my yogurt, which Greek yogurt usually has.

Having those two yogurt turnoffs in mind, I was iffy about trying the Chobani Vanilla Flip. However, I decided to do it anyway, and I was so happy that I did. On one side of the container is cornflakes, honey oats, and praline pecans. The other side is the vanilla yogurt. I mixed the cornflakes, honey oats, and praline pecans into the vanilla yogurt, and it was scrumptious. The yogurt didn't really seem to have a weird, dry texture, which was good. I also like to put granola and nuts into my yogurt, so the fact that this yogurt came with those made me happy.

The best part of this is that it's so healthy!!! I've been trying to eat healthier, so this definitely helps me to do that. If any of you enjoy vanilla yogurt, granola, and any type of nuts, I highly suggest you try the Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt in Vanilla Golden Crunch!

Have you tried any of the Chobani Flip flavors?

What's In My Tumbler?

When I went down the Cape for the Fourth of July, I went to the Christmas Tree Shop. One of the items I got there was a pink tumbler! Surprisingly, this was actually my first tumbler ever. I wanted to get a Lilly one when I went to In the Pink, but I decided to save my money to buy a pair of shorts instead. So, I got a cheap one from the Christmas Tree Shop!

Isn't it cute?! I'm planning on getting a monogram decal to put on the wrap to spice it up a little bit. It will add the perfect touch! Now that I have a tumbler, I use it all the time. It has actually influenced me to drink more water because I drink water more when it's out of a fun cup and not just a boring, old water bottle.

I not only put water in my tumbler but other things, too! Check out the list below to see what else I drink out of my tumbler.

{one} iced tea
{two} water
{three} iced coffee
{four} Diet Mountain Dew

What do you like to drink out of your tumbler?

Down South Collection Goodies

As many of you know, I handle the social media for Down South Collection. As a little reward, Allie and Cyndi Winters, the founders of Down South Collection, sent me an adorable tank and koozie! The tank and koozie are literally the perfect accessories for summer. I wore the tank while I was in Maine last weekend (I was unable to get a picture!), and it was great to throw on to head to the beach. The koozie was great for holding my drink!

The tank is this really pretty peach, coral, and pink color. The green is a fluorescent lime green. Both of these items have Down South Collection's brand new logo on them! The tank is so soft and comfortable while the koozie is a must-have for drinks.

I highly suggest you check out Down South Collection if you haven't already! Down South Collection just opened their FIRST flagship store in Corinth, MS, which is SO exciting! If you live anywhere near there, be sure to check it out. If not, you can always order online!

What do you like from Down South Collection?

Weekend in Paradise

Last weekend, I went to Maine with my family. My cousins on my dad's side of the family has this super nice beach house in Maine that's right on the water. It's always been a tradition for my dad's whole side of the family to spend a weekend in July or August at my cousins' house. My dad's family is so much fun, and we always have a good time and a lot of laughs.

My cousins got this house about two or three years ago, but they've always had a beach house in Maine. They had a different one before this one that we all used to go to that was literally a five minute walk away from the beach. However, this house has a beach in their backyard! How awesome is that?

via my twin's Instagram

Brittany and I left for Maine at 8am on Saturday morning while my parents and my two other sisters left at around 9:30. We got there at around 10:30. All of Saturday was spent lounging on the beach, eating, and gossiping with my aunts and cousins about the latest issues with celebrities *coughAMANDABYNEScough*. In other words, we just relaxed. I brought a couple of books from the library with me, so I lathered myself in sunscreen, filled up my tumbler with water, and grabbed a beach chair to head on down to the beach and read. We've also had a tradition of having lobsters for dinner every year we go to Maine, so we had lobsters soaked in butter with a cup of clam chowder. That's the only time of the year I have lobster because I don't really want it any other time.

At Mason family parties and gatherings, we always have the best times. Seriously. There is always way more food than people. And we're totally okay with that. I don't think I ever stop laughing or smiling when I'm with my family, and I think that's one of the most amazing things in life - just having a great time with your family.

I'm always so sad to leave Maine because it's the perfect weekend getaway. However, it makes me so excited for next year because I know it will be just as fun or even more fun than the year before!

Where do you like to go for a weekend getaway?

All About the House Organizer

A couple of weeks ago, I won a giveaway hosted by Caroline from All About the House Etsy Shop! All About the House creates tons of different printables for all sorts of planners. The planner I won was Personalized Planner. Rachael, the owner of All About the House, was super nice when she was making my order for me! I chose pink chevron with navy words, as shown below.

 (Sorry for the horrible quality - I had to take a picture of my computer screen!)

The best part of All About the House is everything is a printable. Therefore, you get to print off as many copies as you want of something in case you're like me and mess up writing things all the time and want them to look perfect!

Unfortunately, I can't use my planner for a while because my school provides agendas for us. However, I plan on using it during my freshman year of college (which is really only two years away - scary!!!) to help keep myself organized. I haven't even printed out the planner yet, but I'm already obsessed!

What do you like from All About the House?

Giveaway :: Stitches by Sheryl

I'm so excited to announce that not only was I able to do a review for Stitches by Sheryl for all of you but a giveaway as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, all of those exclamation points are necessary. The winner gets to receive their very own monogrammed pullover sweatshirt!!!!!!!!! Eek!!!!

In case any of you were wondering, I chose the navy blue sweatshirt with a hot pink monogram. If you don't win, I highly suggest you go over and buy the sweatshirt yourself because it's totally worth it!

Good luck, ladies!

What do you like from Stitches by Sheryl?

Lilly Purchases

As mentioned yesterday, I bought two pairs of Lilly shorts and a Polo shirt when I went down the Cape for the Fourth of July! I'm absolutely obsessed with the outfits. I got the shorts on two different days and in two different Lilly stores. Time to show all of you my fabulous purchases!

Okay, so this outfit is kind of my all-time favorite outfit now. It's just perfect. The headband is a monogrammed headband from Stitches by Sheryl. I can't find the Polo shirt on the website, but it's just a rose-colored tee with a turquoise logo. The Lilly shorts are the Callahan shorts in Ice Cream Social. Lastly, I can't forget my infamous silver Jacks!

(excuse the horrible quality - I was unable to get a picture of myself wearing these shorts!)
The other pair of Lilly shorts I got was the Callahan shorts in High Beams. I love the different shades of blues and greens mixed together in this pattern!

I love how the Polo shirt I got matches both pairs of shorts I got. You can't really tell in the picture, but in the High Beams shorts, there are specks of pink the same exact color as my shirt. There is also a light blue color in the shorts, and I have another shirt that's the same exact color as that, so I could wear those shorts with that shirt as well.

I was kind of limited on what I got because In the Pink didn't really have a lot of stuff in my size, which always seems to happen to me whenever I go into stores. Oh well. It was actually kind of funny when I bought my shorts in High Beams because when I walked into the store, I had my shorts in Ice Cream Social on, and I was practically treated like a goddess or something by the employees because of that!

Anyway, I love my new purchases so much, and I know I'll get good use out of them the rest of this summer because they're the perfect summer colors and patterns. I really like the Callahan shorts because they're the perfect length - not too short and not too long.

Have you made any Lilly purchases lately?

Fourth of July Festivities

For the Fourth of July, I went down the Cape. A lot of our family friends have houses, boats, jet skis, etc. there, so we like to spend a lot of our time there in the summer! We stayed at a family friend's house for all of the Fourth of July and the whole day after.

On the Fourth of July, my parents, my twin, and I left at 9am for the Cape. We made a quick stop at Dunks and then headed down. When we got there, all my twin and I felt like doing was shopping, so my mom and her friend took us shopping while my dad hung out with his friend. I got a pair of shorts from Lilly and a Polo shirt, which you'll see tomorrow! I looked in Vineyard Vines, but there was literally nothing in my size, which was a huge disappointment. We stopped at Starbucks before heading off to the Christmas Tree Shop, and I tried an iced caramel macchiato because of Lauren! It was delicious.

It's always been a tradition for my mom, my mom's friend, and me to go to the Christmas Tree Shop whenever we go down the Cape. I love going to the Christmas Tree just because you find nice little knick knacks there. I ended up getting sunscreen, a pink tumbler, a planner, aloe vera, and gum.

The night of the Fourth of July, we went to another family friend's Cape house for a cookout. We had a ton of food, and all of it was delicious. The beach is literally two houses down from them, where the fireworks were being held, so we walked to the beach at around 8:30. The fireworks were horrible because it was so foggy that we couldn't see anything.

The next day, we did more shopping. I got another pair of shorts from Lilly! After we shopping, we went back to the house and just relaxed a bit before going out to dinner. We went to dinner at this really nice seafood place. After dinner, my family and I left and headed back for our house. Even though those two days spent down the Cape went by super fast, I had tons of fun!

How did you spend the Fourth of July?

Rent the Runway

Hi girls! One of my blogging friends, Allison, will be doing a guest post on Private School Prepster today. I hope you all enjoy it!


Do you have your perfect vacation outfit planned yet?  Have you been putting off buying a dress that you can wear to a wedding or other formal event?  Are you in the mood to purchase designer clothing that tends to be out of your budget?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then I have to ask:


And if you answered no, then you need to start!

Rent the Runway is here to help dress you for any event with as little as a week's notice!  You rent movies and cars, why not clothes?  For those of you unfamiliar with RTR, it is a fantastic online clothing company offering you the opportunity to borrow the trendiest clothing for either 4 or 8 day increments.  They also have accessories, so if you already have the perfect dress, they have the perfect necklace, earrings, etc.  RTR is the perfect way to get around buying an outfit you will only wear once.  It provides an always updated array of options for a fashionista, as well as assistance for the girl that may need a little more help.  RTR has some of the top name brand designer brands available, and they offer amazing discounts.

This summer in particular, Rent the Runway is running the “Summer Style Pass” promotion.  You can rent 3 outfits (an outfit is made up of any dress worth less than $200 and accessories worth less than $50)  for only $75 dollars a piece!  You can be prepared for girls’ night, birthday party, and graduation at any point in the summer!  Use the outfits all at once, or spread them out from now until August 31st.  Before choosing what outfits you like, read the reviews from other women just like you!  They will show you real life pictures of themselves LOVING their RTR attire.  And to make sure that your dress fits perfectly, Rent the Runway will send you a backup dress in another size – absolutely free.

I have to confess, I am 100% promoting Rent the Runway.  I am an intern for RTR that is incredibly amazed by everything they offer and I want to make sure that everyone is taking advantage of it.  As a college girl with a huge wardrobe and nothing to wear, Rent the Runway is the answer to my prayers.  Also, having ridiculous tuition costs, I need to stretch my pennies as far as possible, but I attend a fashion school: I have to stay up on the latest trends. 

Does my story sound like yours?  If you are in love with RTR as much as I am, then you should consider interning on your college campus!  You get to be part of an amazing company, build your resume, get exclusive deals on RTR products, attend private functions, and meet fantastic people.  Fill out the application and learn more about being a Manager, Social Media Rep, Event Planner, Blogger, or Marketing Rep today!  I strongly encourage you to also use my name, Allison Deutschman, in the “How did you hear about Rent the Runway?” answer spot for an even better chance in scoring a fabulous internship at your school.  If RTR hasn’t made their way to your campus yet, there is no better time to get you and 6-7 of your closest friends to bring us there!  You will be transforming your campus into a fashion forward institution that you can be proud of.  Who doesn’t want to do that?

Allison Deutschman is the founder of and a writer for Image 34 magazine.  She is a Lucky Magazine contributor, Rent the Runway Intern, and Fashion Merchandising student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  Feel free to contact her by e-mail at for more information on Rent the Runway and their internships.


One social media tool I've been obsessed with lately is Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on any social media platform so that they post on certain days and times. It's brilliant! I use it for my internship with the Smart Girls Group because I handle the Twitter, and it would be too difficult to have to post every single day. I can just schedule all of the tweets a week in advance!

It can also be used in other ways instead of managing social media for companies. You can use it to post links to your blog posts on any social media platform so that you can promote your blog even more! It seriously works wonders, so if you haven't used it before, I definitely suggest you check it out. It's even better that it's free!

Do you use Hootsuite?


I got my license yesterday!!! In Massachusetts, you can't get your license until you're at least 16 1/2. My half birthday was on the Fourth of July, but the registry is behind two weeks, so I went for my license yesterday. I was so nervous. Luckily, my nerves didn't get in the way of the test! I've been stressing out and having anxiety for the past six months because I kept worrying about failing my license test. But I didn't!!!

The first place I drove to was to my daddy's work to visit him. Then I went to Subway with my twin. I have my own car, which is awesome! I absolutely love having my license because I get to drive wherever I want, whenever I want. I don't have to sit around all day anymore because I don't have rides. I'll be able to make plans a lot more easily!

Do you have your license?

Review :: Stitches by Sheryl Etsy Shop

Sheryl Dalpe from Stitches by Sheryl was so kind as to send me a monogrammed sweatshirt to review! I've been lusting over monogrammed sweatshirts forever, so I was super excited when mine came in. Since it's summer, I'm not able to wear it much. However, I was able to wear it when I went to go watch fireworks on the Fourth of July!

I was unable to get a good picture of me in my sweatshirt during the fireworks, so I took one when I got home from the fireworks. I chose the navy blue sweatshirt with a hot pink monogram, and I absolutely love it! It's super comfy. I chose the XS because I'm only 5'1", so if you're around my height and decide to buy this sweatshirt, I suggest getting the XS as well because it was only a little big!

Along with sending me a monogrammed sweatshirt, Sheryl was so sweet as to surprise me with monogrammed headbands in pink, blue, and lime green! It was the perfect surprise, seeing as I'm obsessed with thick headbands. I've worn the ones Sheryl sent me everywhere - to summer soccer league games, out by the pool, and just with a normal outfit!

{what the headband looks like in my hair}

I highly suggest all of you go check out Sheryl's shop because the customer service is amazing, and all of her items are adorable!

What do you like from Stitches by Sheryl?

Slackwater Clothing

As many of you know, I'm a blogger over at Twines & Vines. Chris Tomaselli, the founder of Twines & Vines, is an intelligent guy who's going to be a freshman at Texas Christian University in the fall. A couple of weeks ago, he launched his own clothing brand, Slackwater Clothing. The whole theme behind Slackwater Clothing is "there's no stress on the water." So true, right?

Anyway, I decided to share some of the items I like with all of you! Pretty much all of the items appear to be for men, but they could easily be made unisex. And if Slackwater gets enough female supporters, maybe they'll launch feminine products! Anyway, onto the items I like.

{one} Slackwater decal
Who doesn't love decals? I always love to collect them, so it's a good idea to get one. It's a decal for a preppy clothing company, which is even better!

{two} Barnstable Cap
I love this hat! It's great to throw on while taking a trip to the beach or just laying out by the pool. My favorite part of the hat has to be the back, though. It has a leather strap, and above the hole in the back are the words "there's no stress on the water." Perfect!

You guys should definitely check out Slackwater Clothing, and be sure to let me know if you do! My twitter is @privateschprep!

What do you like from Slackwater?

Her Campus's National Intercollegiete Conference

As some of you know, I'm a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. I love it! It's full of lovely girls who are super nice and helpful.

Anyway, Her Campus is having a conference next weekend! The conference will be on Saturday, July 27th and Sunday, July 28th in New York City. Saturday is only open to Her Campus members, but Sunday is open to everyone. I want to go so badly, but I can't because I'm going to a concert! If any of you are dying to go to a concert this summer, you should definitely check this one out because it's super cheap and costs only $30. You could just go for the day or stay overnight at a hotel close by.

The conference sounds so fun! There will be tons of industry leaders from Cosmo, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Seventeen, Levo League, The Huffington Post, and way more! Also, there will be fun things going on such as getting goody bags, participating in a BCBG sample sale, free mini manicures, a braid bar, free lunch from Chipotle with a gift certificate, and so much more. The workshops also sound super interesting. I would die to go to this!

If you would like more information, check out this link. If any of you are a part of HCBN, you'll be able to attend on Saturday and/or Sunday. For those of you who aren't, you'll have to go on Sunday! I hope you guys check this out!

Are you going to a conference this summer?

Creating a Fabulous Room

Hey everyone! I’m Katelyn from over at Preppy Daily. Today I’m here to write a guest post for Ashley and to share with you a few of my tips on creating the room of your dreams! I’ve worked for a while on perfecting my room to be just the way I like it, and let me just say, this was no easy task. Also, I wanted to share with you a few ways to keep your room organized and clean.
{one} Pick a palette. 
When designing your room be sure to come up with a color scheme first. For me, I found my bedding first and then went around that bedding to find a color for my room later. This is much easier than picking a color and trying to find an exact match of bedding for that color. Also, don’t only make one color just for your room. Pick a palette of colors that you think go well together. For me, my room is for the majority aqua blue. But my bedding is all sorts of colors (obviously aqua included), and my accessories to my room incorporate other colors as well. 

{two} Storage is key.
Having space to store things will help your room stay organized especially well. But, be sure to not abuse your storage. Some people, myself included, find that having a ton of bins allows for them to throw a bunch of junk into a bin, so the junk will stay hidden. This is okay for a couple of random things, but if you continue to clutter your storage, there is no way you will stay organized. Be sure to find the best way to store things for you! Some people like hanging their clothes in a closet. Others like to fold them in drawers. For me I use both of these options, but I also have a fashion rack in my room where I store the majority of my favorite clothes so I can have my fashion on display. 

{three} Everything must have a place.
Everything that you keep in your room must have a specific spot. This will help keep your room clean and organized, and also help you save time when looking for something. Be sure to waste no space in your room and make sure everything has a nice little place to be. You have to know each space for each item otherwise it’ll get lost, or it will clutter a different space. 

{four} Organize like there’s no tomorrow.
When I was younger and my mom would help me clean my room she’d always take every single thing out of it’s place, and put it back in a more neat and organized way. I hated this so much, but now I’m obsessed with it. Organization helps you stay neat and tidy, and saves you space! Using bins and containers with labels is especially helpful to keep everything tidy. Plus, organization makes everything easier in the long run. 

Now, here are some of my tips to keeping each space of your room clean. 

Keep your desk clear of tons of junk on the surface of it. Take advantage of the drawers and be sure to use bins to keep all of the office supplies neat inside of the drawers. Leave only a few things on the actual surface of your desk such as your computer, agenda, pens, and other simple office supplies you may need. This will make it so much easier to actually use your desk rather than just have it on display. 

I really have no specific tips for this other than make your bed every day! My mom always said, “If nothing else in your room is clean, at least make your bed”. It actually does add a little sense of organization to the room. 

Closet. Dresser. Fashion Rack.
Wherever you keep your clothes, be sure that all your clothes are organized by color, style and season. This is so helpful when it comes down to quickly throwing on an outfit on those running late days. Plus, keeping your clothes organized definitely allows you to see what clothes you actually have!

These are some of the best stores to purchase different items for your room at: HomeGoods, PBTeen, Pier 1 Imports, Ikea, The Container Store and Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that these tips have/will help you in keeping your room clean and organized. Check out my blog at!

xoxo, Katelyn

Summer Activities

At least one point during our summer, we find ourselves being so totally bored that we have no idea what to do. As much as we hate to admit it, it happens to all of us. In order to prevent yourself from reaching that point, take the following tips into consideration so you're (hopefully) never bored again!

{one} read
Most teenagers tend to associate reading with school, so when it comes to the summer, they don't want to read at all. However, reading isn't just for school. It can be for fun, too. If you find a book or a series that really interests you, read it. If you like it, try to find other similar books and series. Reading is a great way to relax after a hard and stressful year.

{two} write
A lot of teenagers tend to associate writing with school, too. If you like to write, then write. It doesn't have to be anything formal or fancy. You can write a poem, story, whatever. I like to keep a journal, so I find myself writing in my journal a lot during the summer because I don't have a lot of time to write in it during the school year. For me, journaling is a lot easier than writing a poem or story because you just write about what's happening in your life, how you feel, etc., so it can usually be pretty easy for me to write about that.

{three} work
It's hard to get a job in the summer nowadays. If you have a job, keep working to keep busy and earn money. Apply for a job if you don't have one. If you've applied to a million different places and still don't have a job, that's okay. You can do little odd tasks to try to earn money. You can babysit, mow lawns, walk dogs, and more. If you don't want to do any of those, see if you can get an internship. allows you to search for internships - you can even get a paid virtual internship and work right from your house!

{four} hang out with friends
Make tons of plans with your friends. You can just hang out, go swimming, go out to eat, go shopping, and more. The options are endless. Your time will be filled up, and you'll also be enjoying yourself. In the summer, my friends sleep over a lot. They'll come over one night, sleep over, and then spend the rest of the day at my house because we go swimming and lay out by the pool.

I only listed four possible activities to do, but there are obviously so many more. The point of this is to just make your summer busy and worthwhile because it's not fun just sitting around the house all the time and doing nothing - it gets boring.

How do you like to stay busy during the summer?

Book Review :: The Lying Game

As most of you know, I'm obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars TV show and book series. Sara Shepard is seriously an amazing author. When The Lying Game came on TV, I decided to try it, but I didn't really like it. I needed another book to read, so I decided to try The Lying Game series. I was a little skeptical since the TV show wasn't good, but I thought it might be good since it's written by Sara Shepard.

I was right. The books are so good. I seriously whip through them and can't put them down because of how good they are. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, it's about two twins, Emma and Sutton, who are separated because their mother puts them up for adoption. Emma gets put into horrible foster care homes while Sutton gets adopted by a super rich family. Emma ends up venturing out to find Sutton, but Sutton gets murdered, so Emma is forced to take Sutton's place. No one has any idea that "Sutton" is actually Emma except for Emma's boyfriend, Ethan.

Emma stays with Sutton's family to try to find out who killed Sutton and why. She has to act like Sutton, dress like Sutton, talk like Sutton, and basically be Sutton because the murderer sent Emma a note and told her she isn't to let anyone know who she really is.

This series is full of drama and scary parts, but I absolutely love it. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly suggest you check it out because you definitely won't be able to put it down once you start reading it!

Have you read The Lying Game series?

Giveaway :: Lilly Pulitzer Personalized Stationery

Do you remember how I said I wanted to start an Etsy shop? Well, I never knew what I could actually sell in my Etsy shop if I were to start one. I spent a while trying to think of what I could possibly sell. A couple of weeks ago, I finally came up with the idea - Lilly Pulitzer personalized stationery and letterheads. I tested it a couple of times, and I was thrilled with the results!

I planned on making the stationery and letterheads in a PDF format so I could just email them to the buyers, and then they could print out as many as they wanted. After I had everything figured out, I tried to open an Etsy shop, but then I realized I would have to hook everything up to a credit card... which I don't have. It would be too confusing to use my mom's credit card, so I just gave up with making an Etsy shop. I'm still trying to find out ways I can sell the letterheads, though!

With that being said, I decided to do a giveaway to promote my business and skills. The winner would be able to choose any of the following templates in the Lilly Pulitzer pattern of their choice:






If you can't see any, feel free to email me and ask for a better view!

Would you buy the letterheads?

Review :: Country Club Prep

I'm so excited to announce that I was given the chance to do a review for Country Club Prep! Country Club Prep is a preppy company that sells all kinds of preppy clothing and accessories from various preppy brands. I worked with Sarah, one of Country Club Prep's interns, and she was so sweet and helpful.

The item I was sent to review is the Seersucker Tote Bag in Red by Sloane Ranger. I haven't had a chance to use the bag yet, but I plan on using it when I go to the beach, babysitting, or a friend's house. The tote comes in two other colors - khaki and blue. There are only two things I didn't like about the bag, which isn't Country Club Prep's fault. I would've preferred to have the bag in blue instead of red, but CCP was out of blue, which isn't a problem. Also, the bag's material is kind of flimsy. I thought it would've been a little more sturdy, and that's what I would've liked better.

Other than that, I really like the bag. It's a pretty good size, so it will definitely be able to hold everything I need - a bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, drink, and a couple books. I'm hoping to get some use out of it soon!

This is what the bag looks like. Isn't it cute?! The seersucker is my favorite part. I do like the red, but I like the blue better just because I already have a pair of blue seersucker shorts that would match the bag really well. I'm not sure if I have anything that will match this tote, but I'm sure I can find something!

Country Club Prep also gave me two free koozies and a sticker, all of which I had no idea was coming! I love companies and brands that send free items like that. The koozies and sticker are shown below:

The back of the red koozie says "please prep responsibly" and the back of the blue koozie is a guy wearing a bow tie. If only these items came in before the Fourth of July because I would've loved using them on the Fourth of July to be all festive! The sticker is just Country Club Prep's logo, which I will probably stick on a notebook or something.

Overall, I was very pleased with everything I was sent and the customer service. Everyone who works at CCP is so nice, and I highly suggest you check it out because they have fabulous items!

What do you like from Country Club Prep?

DIY Facial Hydration Mask

Michelle Pino, the owner of a spa called Skana in Upstate New York, sent me a recipe to create a facial mask to share with all of you. Enjoy, and let me know if it was helpful!
(Note: The recipe is from Turning Stone.)
Summertime can really wreak havoc on your skin.  Days at the beach and dining alfresco may be lovely warm weather activities for your body and soul, but may not be so face friendly.  Summer conditions can lead to clogged pores, lackluster complexions and dried out skin.  But don’t despair, there’s a quick, easy, and natural way to give your skin a boost with a few simple ingredients you probably have on hand (if not just hop over and pick them up from your local grocery store.)  Try this easy home remedy facial with our DIY hydration mask and you’ll be glowing from the inside out:

Step One - Cleanse Skin
Use a mild cleanser of your choice and massage over face with gentle circular motions, rinse with warm water.

Step Two – Exfoliate
Use a gentle exfoliant in the same way as your cleanser above.  Do not scrub, be sure to use gentle pressure, we don’t want to rip your skin off, we just want to clean out the gunk in your pores.

Step Three – Mask
Ahhh, the relaxing part.  Not only will applying this mask give you time to chill, it’s great for your skin too because the ingredients tackle a host of skin issues.  Oatmeal is a natural soothing property, so it’s great for sun-drenched skin.  The yogurt and honey are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.  Yogurt can help moisturize skin, as well as fight acne, premature aging and sunburn.  Honey does all that plus it can actually firm skin.  You’ll feel the soothing, moisturizing and firming effects as soon as you put it on.

To make your mask:

1 cup natural yogurt
1 cup oatmeal
1 tablespoon honey

Mix the yogurt, oatmeal and honey together until they’re well blended.  Apply liberally to your skin with a mask brush or fingertips and unwind for 10 to 15 minutes.  Rinse with warm washcloth.  Easy!  

Step Four – Moisturize
Use a moisturizer suited for your skin type and gently apply a small amount to face, neck and throat.

There you have it.  After a day at the beach nothing can beat this essential DIY treatment mask.  With this all natural, chemical free treatment your skin will be radiating like never before.

Have you tried making your own facial mask before?

My Job

I just realized that I failed to tell you guys that I got a job! I got it about two or three weeks ago. My job is working at Honey Dew Donuts! For those of you who don't know what Honey Dew is, it's just like Dunkin' Donuts. And for those of you who don't know what Honey Dew OR Dunkin' Donuts are, well, they're just donut shops.

I'm still in training, and tonight will be my third time training. For the past two times, I worked the closing shift, and I will be doing that same shift tonight. I like that I started out with closing shift, which is from 5-9:30, because that's the quietest shift. It would be difficult to start out with a shift that was busy because I'm still just in training!

As part of training, I've done a lot of cleaning to learn how to do everything and find out where everything is located. The cleaning isn't too bad. Last time, I started to serve customers. I mostly just made coffees! I like making the coffees because it's not too hard and grueling. Even the cleaning isn't that bad. I don't mind cleaning because it keeps me busy and helps to make the time pass by faster.

During each shift, I get to make myself coffee and eat the food! I don't eat food during the shift though because I don't get hungry, and I don't have time to eat since there's so much stuff to do. I usually just drink water instead. I love working the closing shift because I get to bring home as many leftover donuts and bagels I want! They just get thrown out, so I like to bring a donut or bagel home to have for breakfast the next morning.

Training isn't that bad. The only thing that stinks is I'm not allowed to get any tips. I wish I did because I work just as hard and just as much as all of the other employees! I have to work four days this week, which stinks since it's summer, but it's also good because then I'll have money. I have to train for three of those days, and then I'll start actually working on the fourth day!

Do you have a job?

Summer Essentials

Hey there lovely readers!
I'm Caroline from Citrus & Style guest posting for Ashley today. I am so honored to post for her and am so very jealous of her extreme work ethic.

Anyway, I hope you are as excited that it is summer as I am! It literally hasn't hit me until a week or so ago that it is actually summer.... June is under our belts and so is 4th of July! How crazy is that?!

That being said, without realizing it, I have come up with some things I cannot live without so far this summer. Summer Essentials as I like to call them!

Here are some of my favorites:

{Links here}

The first thing I strongly suggest is investing in some quality J.Crew chino shorts (preferably in the 3 inch version). I promise you will wear them all summer long!

Next is a nice hat like this monogrammed one from Marley Lilly. Hey, a little monogram is as good as it gets, right? It'll be perfect for going for a run, a day at the beach or running errands. No one likes a sunburned face!

Don't forget a pair of stylish sunnies! I love tortoiseshell ones because they match with everything.

Also, I love having a baggy oxford shirt to throw over my swimsuit when I head to the pool. I have a Ralph Lauren one that I got at TJMaxx that is the perfect slouchy size and recommend finding one on sale since it may get trashed with sweat and sunscreen stains!

And who can forget some stylish sandals like these from Target? Unfortunately these are sold out online, however I was at Target a few weeks ago and they were still there. Be sure to check quickly!

Another pair of shorts I live in during the summer are some Nike running shorts. I own a few pairs of these and they are literally a lifesaver on those days when you don't really feel like trying.

To keep yourself hydrated, carry around a water bottle or tumbler like the Starbucks one. I purchased this one right before they discontinued it but I know Lilly Pulitzer has some other great options!

A necessary essential is a cute bathing suit that you will confident in. I found a great one from Target (read: pink and white gingham! Swoon!) at a great price.

Pearl studs are also a nice thing to wear on a daily basis to dress up your look a little. Although I don't have my ears pierced yet (ehem, on my summer bucket list!) I would imagine pearls would be the perfect earring for the job.

Lastly, my go-to bag in the summer is a Longchamp. It is super durable and super chic. Plus, it holds a ton and a neutral color really matches with any outfit!

Thanks again to the fabulous Ashley for letting my guest post!

Come and check out my blog sometime!

What are your summer essentials?

Lilly Pulitzer Dress

I have been wanting a Lilly Pulitzer dress for the longest time, but I never bought one because I didn't really had anything to wear dresses to, so why spend all of that money if it's going to go to waste? When I was thinking about possible places to get a dress for the wedding, Lilly Pulitzer popped into my mind. So I thought to myself, why not try it?

The night I started looking for a Lilly dress was a school night, and I knew that if I found one that I wanted, I couldn't go buy it at "In the Pink" because the closest one to me is about 45 minutes away. So, I knew I had to order it online. When I found the dress I wanted, I nearly had a heart attack. I literally screamed at how excited I was. It was the Delia dress in Let's Cha Cha! I'm absolutely obsessed with Let's Cha Cha (as you can tell by the background of my blog!), so you could only imagine how excited I was when I found a dress in that pattern.

The dress was $168, and I don't really like to buy things that are expensive unless they're on sale, but I felt that this was an absolute emergency. And it was. I had saved my money from babysitting in case I wanted to buy something expensive that I really wanted, and I knew that this was the item I had to buy with that money. Also, there was no shipping cost since I qualified and no tax, which made the total cost $168. That was actually probably better than buying it in stores because I probably would've had to pay tax!

Isn't the dress adorable?! I love that it's classy yet flirty and cute at the same time. It has a high neckline yet a low drop in the back. The dress's length is about half my thighs, which is good because that's not too short yet not too long. The bows on the side, which are kind of visible in the picture, add a cute accent! I just wish I got a size smaller. I didn't know whether to get a 00 or 0, so I got a 0 because I would rather have the dress be a little big than too small. It's not that noticeable in the picture, but the dress is kind of big around my waist and chest. At least I know to get a 00 next time!

The picture above is how I styled the dress for the wedding. Of course I had to wear Jacks with the dress! Jacks and a Lilly dress are the perfect combination. I'm planning on wearing the dress to any fancy places, ceremonies, and more!

Do you have a Lilly Pulitzer dress?

The Perfect Dress

Do you ever come across a dress in a store, try it on, and realize it's the perfect dress? That's what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I went to the mall on a rainy Friday night because I needed a dress for my friend's mom's wedding. I'm too small to fit into a lot of clothes that women's stores have, so I had a really hard time finding a dress that I liked and that fit me. So I was getting really aggravated.

I was about to head home when I decided to stop into one last store - 344. I saw a dress that was on sale and was so cute! The only problem? It was a large, and I'm an extra small and sometimes a small. The dress didn't look like it would be too big for me, so I decided to try it on anyway. When I tried it on, the dress wasn't that big on me, but it was still big enough for me to not want to get it.

via Instagram

Isn't this dress adorable?! You can kind of tell in the picture, but the dress was kind of wide around my hips. It also wasn't as tight as it was supposed to be. In the back (which isn't shown), there was a cutout. The cutout sagged pretty low, so I knew I shouldn't get the dress. It made me a little disappointed, but I still had hope that I would find a dress that fit me! (Which I did, and is what you guys will be reading about tomorrow... ;))

Have you ever found the perfect dress?

Tweet Chat Tips

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I participate in weekly tweet chats. I did a post about all of the tweet chats I attend and what they're about. However, I decided to come up with some tips for tweet chats for you guys to follow in case you decide to join one or more!

1. Remember to use the hashtag of the tweet chat. If you want to tweet something during a tweet chat, always remember to use the hashtag of the tweet chat. That way people will be able to see your tweets and reply to them, retweet them, or favorite them. If you don't use the hashtag, nobody will be able to see your tweets.
2. Follow everyone you talk to. This will increase the number of followers you have on Twitter because they'll most likely follow you back. However, don't follow them just so you can get followers. Following people from these tweet chats will broaden your number of connections and even provide you with amazing opportunities. For example, I found out about different internships through the people I interact with!

3. Stay on topic. Every tweet chat has a topic. Make sure to stay on topic so you don't get considered spam. For example, say one tweet chat is about blogging. Some tweet chats will only let you talk about the questions being asked about blogging from the moderator(s) of the tweet chat while other tweet chats will let you ask/say anything that has to do with blogging. Make sure you know those rules before saying anything!

4. Talk to people. If someone says something you agree with, tell them. If someone says something you're confused about, ask them for clarification. If someone says something you disagree with, tell them. Just make sure to say everything in a friendly way!

What are some tips you have for participating in tweet chats?

Giveaway :: Southern Marsh

Matt Valiollahi from Southern Marsh was so kind as to partner up with my blog to do a giveaway! Southern Marsh is a huge Southern-based brand that offers all types of Southern and preppy clothing and accessories. The items we're going to give away are a Pink Southern Marsh Koozie and Pink Southern Marsh Croakies

This koozie is so cute, and I love how vibrant the pink is. It's perfect for summer. Koozies are really good for keeping your drink cold when you're at the beach or just laying by the pool. They're even better when it's a Southern Marsh koozie! The koozies come in six other colors - red, purple, black, slate, hunter green, orange, and maroon.

The pink croakies are perfect because they match the pink koozie perfectly. They're great for putting on your sunglasses to add some touch to your outfit. The croakies are also good for wearing your sunglasses around your neck when you want to have your sunglasses near you but don't want to wear them at the moment. They come in nine other colors - purple with white, purple with yellow, red, black, navy with white, navy with orange, pink, slate with tan, hunter green, and maroon with white.

Another item that I love from Southern Marsh is their Party with Southern Marsh Limited Edition Tank. The tank is perfect to throw on when taking a trip to the beach or just a trip to the pool. It comes in four different colors - green, orange, pink, and white. Of course pink is my favorite!

The giveaway starts today at midnight and ends Thursday, July 11 at midnight. Good luck! If you don't win, make sure to check back to the website and get an item of your own!

What do you like from Southern Marsh?

Social Media Service/Internship

About a month ago, I started my own social media service/internship. It all started when I noticed that a lot of companies aren't too up-to-date with their Twitters. I realized that social media plays a huge role in promoting a company and can actually drive a lot of traffic and business to a shop. After noticing that, I realized I wanted to help handle the social media of businesses because some businesses can be so busy that they just kind of forget to post on Twitter or other social media platforms since they have so much stuff to do.

That's when I came up with the plan to start my own social media service because social media really interests me, and I actually know a lot about it. I came up with a list of a bunch of companies that lacked in their Twitter presence. (And by companies, I mean Etsy shops, small Southern clothing brands, etc!) I then emailed about six of them at once and explained what my social media service was and how it could benefit them. Since I don't know everything about social media, I offered to do it for free for the summer. However, I mentioned that I would like some type of compensation if it continued after the summer.

About four companies got back to me, but only two wanted me to handle it for them. Right now, I handle the Twitter for Simple and Sweet Monogram Boutique, and their Twitter is @SimpleSweetMono. Pretty soon, I'll be handling the Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for Down South Collection! I love handling the Twitter for Simple and Sweet Monograms, and I'm super excited to start for Down South Collection.

Two is enough for me right now. Even though it's summer and I have a lot of free time, I still have two other internships going on, blogging for my own blog plus two more, handling the social media for Chit Chat, and more. However, I do keep a list that I like to add to in case I ever need to ask more companies! So, if you guys know of any brands, companies, Etsy shops, etc. that lack in their social media presence, please feel free to let me know!

When I told Frannie about this, she said to me, "That's like the definition of a Smart Girl. You are perfect." And that totally made my day! It's nice when someone notices the hard work that you do and compliments you for it.

Are there any summer jobs that interest you?


On Saturday, I went to my friend, Ariana's, mom's wedding because she got remarried! It was the third wedding I've been to in my life, but this one was really fun because I was actually able to know what was going on since I was three years old when I went to the other two weddings. The wedding was outside down the Cape, and it was beautiful.

My other friend, Carolyn, drove my friends and me to the wedding since she has her license. It was at this place that has a museum and gardens, and it sounds really weird, but it was actually really cool. When we got there, golf carts that could hold ten people drove us down to where the actual wedding was taking place. The wedding was so beautiful and made me cry! My friend was the maid of honor, and everyone just looked so pretty.

After the wedding, we went inside for the cocktail hour. It was in a room with a bunch of old fashioned cars, and they had appetizers, drinks, and a station to make your own chowder. The only things I didn't like about that were I had to stand for an hour when I kind of wanted to sit, and pretty much all of the appetizers were seafood, which I'm not a huge fan of.

After the cocktail hour, we went to this big room where our meals were going to be. We had the option to choose between fish and filet mignon, and I'm not always in the mood for seafood, so I chose filet mignon. The only thing I didn't like about the filet mignon was it was super rare. Like really red in the middle. So I didn't really eat it because I was afraid I would get sick.

We then went onto the dance floor and danced! In between songs, we went inside to get more drinks and try the desserts. The cupcakes were good, but they had raspberry filling in the middle, which I don't like, so I had to scoop the filling out!

Overall, I had a blast. Going to Malina's (Ariana's mom) wedding made me so excited for when my wedding day comes. And now it's time for me to show you some of the pictures I took!

My outfit for the wedding! I wore a Lilly Pulitzer Delia dress in Let's Cha Cha (which I'm OBSESSED with and you guys will be seeing a post about that soon!) and my silver Jack Rogers. My older sister, Chelsea, did my hair because she's really good at that kind of stuff, and it came out really good! It was a French braid into a bun with a blue flower clip that matched the blue in my dress.

My friends (minus one - she wasn't there yet!) and me before we went down to the wedding! From left to right: Carolyn, me, Emilee, Danielle, Emily (my twin), and Erin.

Ariana, my friend and the maid of honor! Her hair is covering her face, and I didn't get a chance to take another picture as she was walking by.

Malina and Lou, her fiancee! Malina looked absolutely gorgeous and so happy.

My best friend, Emjay, and me! This was during the cocktail hour. We pretended to have really fancy drinks when all we had was Coke ;)

Ariana and me! She changed into this dress after the wedding instead of wearing her bridesmaid dress.

Have you been to a wedding recently?

Fun Summer Exercises

We all know that we need to exercise over the summer even though we don't always want to. Exercising can be horrendous when the workouts aren't fun and when you're doing them alone. So, I came up with fun ways to exercise in order to enjoy getting in shape!

1. Yoga. Yoga is super fun to do with a group of friends or even just one friends. It helps to relax your mind and give you balance. People probably wouldn't even think of this, but it even helps you to build muscle, too!

2. Running. You can always go running with a friend, but it might be hard to do that if you and your friend don't go at the same running pace. It can be frustrating when your friend runs too fast for you, or it can be frustrating when your friend runs too slow for you. However, if you would still like to make running fun for yourself, you can create a little running schedule (seriously, who doesn't have fun with organization and making schedules and to-do lists?!) to follow each week and create a workout playlist to listen to while you're running so you're not thinking about the fact that you're actually running.

3. Swimming. Swimming is usually thought of as a way to stay school in the summer, but it actually involves a lot of exercise. If you swim for a couple of hours each day, you'll lose a ton of calories and build up a lot of muscle. If you have a pool, invite some friends over and go for a swim! If you don't have a pool, see if you can go to a friend's house that has a pool and go for a swim.

4. Bike riding. I love going bike riding in the spring and summer just to enjoy the pretty scenery around me. However, if you change the gear and where you go bike riding, bike riding can actually turn into a pretty good exercise. It can build up a lot of muscle on your thighs and calves. If you want to go alone, pop in your headphones and listen to music. If you don't want to go alone, ask some friends to go with you!

What are some fun ways that you like to exercise?