My Job

I just realized that I failed to tell you guys that I got a job! I got it about two or three weeks ago. My job is working at Honey Dew Donuts! For those of you who don't know what Honey Dew is, it's just like Dunkin' Donuts. And for those of you who don't know what Honey Dew OR Dunkin' Donuts are, well, they're just donut shops.

I'm still in training, and tonight will be my third time training. For the past two times, I worked the closing shift, and I will be doing that same shift tonight. I like that I started out with closing shift, which is from 5-9:30, because that's the quietest shift. It would be difficult to start out with a shift that was busy because I'm still just in training!

As part of training, I've done a lot of cleaning to learn how to do everything and find out where everything is located. The cleaning isn't too bad. Last time, I started to serve customers. I mostly just made coffees! I like making the coffees because it's not too hard and grueling. Even the cleaning isn't that bad. I don't mind cleaning because it keeps me busy and helps to make the time pass by faster.

During each shift, I get to make myself coffee and eat the food! I don't eat food during the shift though because I don't get hungry, and I don't have time to eat since there's so much stuff to do. I usually just drink water instead. I love working the closing shift because I get to bring home as many leftover donuts and bagels I want! They just get thrown out, so I like to bring a donut or bagel home to have for breakfast the next morning.

Training isn't that bad. The only thing that stinks is I'm not allowed to get any tips. I wish I did because I work just as hard and just as much as all of the other employees! I have to work four days this week, which stinks since it's summer, but it's also good because then I'll have money. I have to train for three of those days, and then I'll start actually working on the fourth day!

Do you have a job?

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  1. Wow, I'd love to work in a donut shop! Although I'm sure the idea of them would be sickening after a while! ;)

    I work in a shop called Argos and I started as a Christmas temp on the daytime shifts...starting at that time of year pushes you and reminds you that no other busy shifts will compare to that!

    Hope you're enjoying it!