Summer Soccer League

Once summer starts, I start to freak out because that means soccer tryouts for my school's team are right around the corner. Eek! Summer is the time that I really have to focus on being in shape and prepared for tryouts. I would love to play on a club soccer team, but I just haven't found one that can fit with my schedule yet. So, I don't really play soccer in the off-season. Therefore, summer is my time to start playing soccer again.

My school's soccer team is involved in a soccer league during the summer with other high schools from southern Massachusetts. We play every Monday and Thursday night at 6:30. It's down the Cape, which makes it even better! The teams we play aren't the teams that we play during the actual season, but it's good to be prepared and have some practice. My team and I have tons of laughs when we play. It's not something totally serious; it's just a way for us to get back into the groove of playing soccer for those of us who haven't played since last year.

If we lose a game, it's not a big deal to us. However, we always do try our hardest to win. I'll admit that I do dread going to some games, specifically ones that are played in 90 degree weather with no subs... yeah, that's not fun. We've had to play a couple of those types of games so far, and at the end of the game, we're drenched in sweat and feel like we're on our deathbed. The summer soccer league also helps me realize that I need to go running and do other forms of exercise on the days that we don't have games. If I'm getting tired easily in the game, and I know it's not just because of my asthma and the heat, then I know I need to get outside and run. The tryouts for my soccer team involve a ton of conditioning and running, so if I'm not in shape for tryouts, I won't be able to handle them. Luckily, I've been out running, so I feel totally prepared!

The soccer league is something I look forward to every summer. This is my second summer playing in it, and I'm glad I do. If any of you have something like this for your high school's team, I highly suggest you participate in it!

What sports do you do in the summer?

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  1. Haha I don't do sports...too uncoordinated...I do workout a ton though and I'm pretty athletic because I used to do ballet pretty hardcore!