Fun Summer Exercises

We all know that we need to exercise over the summer even though we don't always want to. Exercising can be horrendous when the workouts aren't fun and when you're doing them alone. So, I came up with fun ways to exercise in order to enjoy getting in shape!

1. Yoga. Yoga is super fun to do with a group of friends or even just one friends. It helps to relax your mind and give you balance. People probably wouldn't even think of this, but it even helps you to build muscle, too!

2. Running. You can always go running with a friend, but it might be hard to do that if you and your friend don't go at the same running pace. It can be frustrating when your friend runs too fast for you, or it can be frustrating when your friend runs too slow for you. However, if you would still like to make running fun for yourself, you can create a little running schedule (seriously, who doesn't have fun with organization and making schedules and to-do lists?!) to follow each week and create a workout playlist to listen to while you're running so you're not thinking about the fact that you're actually running.

3. Swimming. Swimming is usually thought of as a way to stay school in the summer, but it actually involves a lot of exercise. If you swim for a couple of hours each day, you'll lose a ton of calories and build up a lot of muscle. If you have a pool, invite some friends over and go for a swim! If you don't have a pool, see if you can go to a friend's house that has a pool and go for a swim.

4. Bike riding. I love going bike riding in the spring and summer just to enjoy the pretty scenery around me. However, if you change the gear and where you go bike riding, bike riding can actually turn into a pretty good exercise. It can build up a lot of muscle on your thighs and calves. If you want to go alone, pop in your headphones and listen to music. If you don't want to go alone, ask some friends to go with you!

What are some fun ways that you like to exercise?

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  1. Those are all my favorite summer workouts! Even surfing or any water sport is great! Love your blog!!!

    Sloane // Sailing the Sea of Style