Fourth of July Festivities

For the Fourth of July, I went down the Cape. A lot of our family friends have houses, boats, jet skis, etc. there, so we like to spend a lot of our time there in the summer! We stayed at a family friend's house for all of the Fourth of July and the whole day after.

On the Fourth of July, my parents, my twin, and I left at 9am for the Cape. We made a quick stop at Dunks and then headed down. When we got there, all my twin and I felt like doing was shopping, so my mom and her friend took us shopping while my dad hung out with his friend. I got a pair of shorts from Lilly and a Polo shirt, which you'll see tomorrow! I looked in Vineyard Vines, but there was literally nothing in my size, which was a huge disappointment. We stopped at Starbucks before heading off to the Christmas Tree Shop, and I tried an iced caramel macchiato because of Lauren! It was delicious.

It's always been a tradition for my mom, my mom's friend, and me to go to the Christmas Tree Shop whenever we go down the Cape. I love going to the Christmas Tree just because you find nice little knick knacks there. I ended up getting sunscreen, a pink tumbler, a planner, aloe vera, and gum.

The night of the Fourth of July, we went to another family friend's Cape house for a cookout. We had a ton of food, and all of it was delicious. The beach is literally two houses down from them, where the fireworks were being held, so we walked to the beach at around 8:30. The fireworks were horrible because it was so foggy that we couldn't see anything.

The next day, we did more shopping. I got another pair of shorts from Lilly! After we shopping, we went back to the house and just relaxed a bit before going out to dinner. We went to dinner at this really nice seafood place. After dinner, my family and I left and headed back for our house. Even though those two days spent down the Cape went by super fast, I had tons of fun!

How did you spend the Fourth of July?

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