Giveaway :: Lilly Pulitzer Personalized Stationery

Do you remember how I said I wanted to start an Etsy shop? Well, I never knew what I could actually sell in my Etsy shop if I were to start one. I spent a while trying to think of what I could possibly sell. A couple of weeks ago, I finally came up with the idea - Lilly Pulitzer personalized stationery and letterheads. I tested it a couple of times, and I was thrilled with the results!

I planned on making the stationery and letterheads in a PDF format so I could just email them to the buyers, and then they could print out as many as they wanted. After I had everything figured out, I tried to open an Etsy shop, but then I realized I would have to hook everything up to a credit card... which I don't have. It would be too confusing to use my mom's credit card, so I just gave up with making an Etsy shop. I'm still trying to find out ways I can sell the letterheads, though!

With that being said, I decided to do a giveaway to promote my business and skills. The winner would be able to choose any of the following templates in the Lilly Pulitzer pattern of their choice:






If you can't see any, feel free to email me and ask for a better view!

Would you buy the letterheads?


  1. I can't wait to see what you do to sell your letterhead, it's super cute!

  2. Those are so cute! I wish I knew how to make something like that haha!

    xoxo, Katelyn May

  3. I would definitely buy something like that! You can sell them on Poshmark or eBay, possibly. Letterhead #2 is probably my favorite!


  4. I love #2. Its so cute! I definitely think you can sell these anywhere. I would totally buy!!

  5. Use paypal to sell your stationary! I am selling my closet that way on

  6. SO cute! You can sell them via PayPal! it's super easy :)