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Hey everyone! I’m Katelyn from over at Preppy Daily. Today I’m here to write a guest post for Ashley and to share with you a few of my tips on creating the room of your dreams! I’ve worked for a while on perfecting my room to be just the way I like it, and let me just say, this was no easy task. Also, I wanted to share with you a few ways to keep your room organized and clean.
{one} Pick a palette. 
When designing your room be sure to come up with a color scheme first. For me, I found my bedding first and then went around that bedding to find a color for my room later. This is much easier than picking a color and trying to find an exact match of bedding for that color. Also, don’t only make one color just for your room. Pick a palette of colors that you think go well together. For me, my room is for the majority aqua blue. But my bedding is all sorts of colors (obviously aqua included), and my accessories to my room incorporate other colors as well. 

{two} Storage is key.
Having space to store things will help your room stay organized especially well. But, be sure to not abuse your storage. Some people, myself included, find that having a ton of bins allows for them to throw a bunch of junk into a bin, so the junk will stay hidden. This is okay for a couple of random things, but if you continue to clutter your storage, there is no way you will stay organized. Be sure to find the best way to store things for you! Some people like hanging their clothes in a closet. Others like to fold them in drawers. For me I use both of these options, but I also have a fashion rack in my room where I store the majority of my favorite clothes so I can have my fashion on display. 

{three} Everything must have a place.
Everything that you keep in your room must have a specific spot. This will help keep your room clean and organized, and also help you save time when looking for something. Be sure to waste no space in your room and make sure everything has a nice little place to be. You have to know each space for each item otherwise it’ll get lost, or it will clutter a different space. 

{four} Organize like there’s no tomorrow.
When I was younger and my mom would help me clean my room she’d always take every single thing out of it’s place, and put it back in a more neat and organized way. I hated this so much, but now I’m obsessed with it. Organization helps you stay neat and tidy, and saves you space! Using bins and containers with labels is especially helpful to keep everything tidy. Plus, organization makes everything easier in the long run. 

Now, here are some of my tips to keeping each space of your room clean. 

Keep your desk clear of tons of junk on the surface of it. Take advantage of the drawers and be sure to use bins to keep all of the office supplies neat inside of the drawers. Leave only a few things on the actual surface of your desk such as your computer, agenda, pens, and other simple office supplies you may need. This will make it so much easier to actually use your desk rather than just have it on display. 

I really have no specific tips for this other than make your bed every day! My mom always said, “If nothing else in your room is clean, at least make your bed”. It actually does add a little sense of organization to the room. 

Closet. Dresser. Fashion Rack.
Wherever you keep your clothes, be sure that all your clothes are organized by color, style and season. This is so helpful when it comes down to quickly throwing on an outfit on those running late days. Plus, keeping your clothes organized definitely allows you to see what clothes you actually have!

These are some of the best stores to purchase different items for your room at: HomeGoods, PBTeen, Pier 1 Imports, Ikea, The Container Store and Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that these tips have/will help you in keeping your room clean and organized. Check out my blog at!

xoxo, Katelyn

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