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Hi girls! One of my blogging friends, Allison, will be doing a guest post on Private School Prepster today. I hope you all enjoy it!


Do you have your perfect vacation outfit planned yet?  Have you been putting off buying a dress that you can wear to a wedding or other formal event?  Are you in the mood to purchase designer clothing that tends to be out of your budget?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then I have to ask:


And if you answered no, then you need to start!

Rent the Runway is here to help dress you for any event with as little as a week's notice!  You rent movies and cars, why not clothes?  For those of you unfamiliar with RTR, it is a fantastic online clothing company offering you the opportunity to borrow the trendiest clothing for either 4 or 8 day increments.  They also have accessories, so if you already have the perfect dress, they have the perfect necklace, earrings, etc.  RTR is the perfect way to get around buying an outfit you will only wear once.  It provides an always updated array of options for a fashionista, as well as assistance for the girl that may need a little more help.  RTR has some of the top name brand designer brands available, and they offer amazing discounts.

This summer in particular, Rent the Runway is running the “Summer Style Pass” promotion.  You can rent 3 outfits (an outfit is made up of any dress worth less than $200 and accessories worth less than $50)  for only $75 dollars a piece!  You can be prepared for girls’ night, birthday party, and graduation at any point in the summer!  Use the outfits all at once, or spread them out from now until August 31st.  Before choosing what outfits you like, read the reviews from other women just like you!  They will show you real life pictures of themselves LOVING their RTR attire.  And to make sure that your dress fits perfectly, Rent the Runway will send you a backup dress in another size – absolutely free.

I have to confess, I am 100% promoting Rent the Runway.  I am an intern for RTR that is incredibly amazed by everything they offer and I want to make sure that everyone is taking advantage of it.  As a college girl with a huge wardrobe and nothing to wear, Rent the Runway is the answer to my prayers.  Also, having ridiculous tuition costs, I need to stretch my pennies as far as possible, but I attend a fashion school: I have to stay up on the latest trends. 

Does my story sound like yours?  If you are in love with RTR as much as I am, then you should consider interning on your college campus!  You get to be part of an amazing company, build your resume, get exclusive deals on RTR products, attend private functions, and meet fantastic people.  Fill out the application and learn more about being a Manager, Social Media Rep, Event Planner, Blogger, or Marketing Rep today!  I strongly encourage you to also use my name, Allison Deutschman, in the “How did you hear about Rent the Runway?” answer spot for an even better chance in scoring a fabulous internship at your school.  If RTR hasn’t made their way to your campus yet, there is no better time to get you and 6-7 of your closest friends to bring us there!  You will be transforming your campus into a fashion forward institution that you can be proud of.  Who doesn’t want to do that?

Allison Deutschman is the founder of and a writer for Image 34 magazine.  She is a Lucky Magazine contributor, Rent the Runway Intern, and Fashion Merchandising student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  Feel free to contact her by e-mail at for more information on Rent the Runway and their internships.

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