Summer Activities

At least one point during our summer, we find ourselves being so totally bored that we have no idea what to do. As much as we hate to admit it, it happens to all of us. In order to prevent yourself from reaching that point, take the following tips into consideration so you're (hopefully) never bored again!

{one} read
Most teenagers tend to associate reading with school, so when it comes to the summer, they don't want to read at all. However, reading isn't just for school. It can be for fun, too. If you find a book or a series that really interests you, read it. If you like it, try to find other similar books and series. Reading is a great way to relax after a hard and stressful year.

{two} write
A lot of teenagers tend to associate writing with school, too. If you like to write, then write. It doesn't have to be anything formal or fancy. You can write a poem, story, whatever. I like to keep a journal, so I find myself writing in my journal a lot during the summer because I don't have a lot of time to write in it during the school year. For me, journaling is a lot easier than writing a poem or story because you just write about what's happening in your life, how you feel, etc., so it can usually be pretty easy for me to write about that.

{three} work
It's hard to get a job in the summer nowadays. If you have a job, keep working to keep busy and earn money. Apply for a job if you don't have one. If you've applied to a million different places and still don't have a job, that's okay. You can do little odd tasks to try to earn money. You can babysit, mow lawns, walk dogs, and more. If you don't want to do any of those, see if you can get an internship. allows you to search for internships - you can even get a paid virtual internship and work right from your house!

{four} hang out with friends
Make tons of plans with your friends. You can just hang out, go swimming, go out to eat, go shopping, and more. The options are endless. Your time will be filled up, and you'll also be enjoying yourself. In the summer, my friends sleep over a lot. They'll come over one night, sleep over, and then spend the rest of the day at my house because we go swimming and lay out by the pool.

I only listed four possible activities to do, but there are obviously so many more. The point of this is to just make your summer busy and worthwhile because it's not fun just sitting around the house all the time and doing nothing - it gets boring.

How do you like to stay busy during the summer?

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