Lilly Pulitzer Dress

I have been wanting a Lilly Pulitzer dress for the longest time, but I never bought one because I didn't really had anything to wear dresses to, so why spend all of that money if it's going to go to waste? When I was thinking about possible places to get a dress for the wedding, Lilly Pulitzer popped into my mind. So I thought to myself, why not try it?

The night I started looking for a Lilly dress was a school night, and I knew that if I found one that I wanted, I couldn't go buy it at "In the Pink" because the closest one to me is about 45 minutes away. So, I knew I had to order it online. When I found the dress I wanted, I nearly had a heart attack. I literally screamed at how excited I was. It was the Delia dress in Let's Cha Cha! I'm absolutely obsessed with Let's Cha Cha (as you can tell by the background of my blog!), so you could only imagine how excited I was when I found a dress in that pattern.

The dress was $168, and I don't really like to buy things that are expensive unless they're on sale, but I felt that this was an absolute emergency. And it was. I had saved my money from babysitting in case I wanted to buy something expensive that I really wanted, and I knew that this was the item I had to buy with that money. Also, there was no shipping cost since I qualified and no tax, which made the total cost $168. That was actually probably better than buying it in stores because I probably would've had to pay tax!

Isn't the dress adorable?! I love that it's classy yet flirty and cute at the same time. It has a high neckline yet a low drop in the back. The dress's length is about half my thighs, which is good because that's not too short yet not too long. The bows on the side, which are kind of visible in the picture, add a cute accent! I just wish I got a size smaller. I didn't know whether to get a 00 or 0, so I got a 0 because I would rather have the dress be a little big than too small. It's not that noticeable in the picture, but the dress is kind of big around my waist and chest. At least I know to get a 00 next time!

The picture above is how I styled the dress for the wedding. Of course I had to wear Jacks with the dress! Jacks and a Lilly dress are the perfect combination. I'm planning on wearing the dress to any fancy places, ceremonies, and more!

Do you have a Lilly Pulitzer dress?

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