Chobani Vanilla Flip

One thing I've been loving lately is the Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt in the flavor Vanilla Golden Crunch. It is absolutely delicious. I don't usually like Greek yogurt because the texture seems kind of dry to me, and I don't like fruit chunks in my yogurt, which Greek yogurt usually has.

Having those two yogurt turnoffs in mind, I was iffy about trying the Chobani Vanilla Flip. However, I decided to do it anyway, and I was so happy that I did. On one side of the container is cornflakes, honey oats, and praline pecans. The other side is the vanilla yogurt. I mixed the cornflakes, honey oats, and praline pecans into the vanilla yogurt, and it was scrumptious. The yogurt didn't really seem to have a weird, dry texture, which was good. I also like to put granola and nuts into my yogurt, so the fact that this yogurt came with those made me happy.

The best part of this is that it's so healthy!!! I've been trying to eat healthier, so this definitely helps me to do that. If any of you enjoy vanilla yogurt, granola, and any type of nuts, I highly suggest you try the Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt in Vanilla Golden Crunch!

Have you tried any of the Chobani Flip flavors?


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  2. I have never tried Chobani Flip, but I absolutely love their regular blueberry Greek yogurt!