Lilly Purchases

As mentioned yesterday, I bought two pairs of Lilly shorts and a Polo shirt when I went down the Cape for the Fourth of July! I'm absolutely obsessed with the outfits. I got the shorts on two different days and in two different Lilly stores. Time to show all of you my fabulous purchases!

Okay, so this outfit is kind of my all-time favorite outfit now. It's just perfect. The headband is a monogrammed headband from Stitches by Sheryl. I can't find the Polo shirt on the website, but it's just a rose-colored tee with a turquoise logo. The Lilly shorts are the Callahan shorts in Ice Cream Social. Lastly, I can't forget my infamous silver Jacks!

(excuse the horrible quality - I was unable to get a picture of myself wearing these shorts!)
The other pair of Lilly shorts I got was the Callahan shorts in High Beams. I love the different shades of blues and greens mixed together in this pattern!

I love how the Polo shirt I got matches both pairs of shorts I got. You can't really tell in the picture, but in the High Beams shorts, there are specks of pink the same exact color as my shirt. There is also a light blue color in the shorts, and I have another shirt that's the same exact color as that, so I could wear those shorts with that shirt as well.

I was kind of limited on what I got because In the Pink didn't really have a lot of stuff in my size, which always seems to happen to me whenever I go into stores. Oh well. It was actually kind of funny when I bought my shorts in High Beams because when I walked into the store, I had my shorts in Ice Cream Social on, and I was practically treated like a goddess or something by the employees because of that!

Anyway, I love my new purchases so much, and I know I'll get good use out of them the rest of this summer because they're the perfect summer colors and patterns. I really like the Callahan shorts because they're the perfect length - not too short and not too long.

Have you made any Lilly purchases lately?


  1. I just bought a new Lilly dress, love those shorts too!!

  2. I want an agenda for school and some wine glasses. Haven't splurged though!