The Perfect Dress

Do you ever come across a dress in a store, try it on, and realize it's the perfect dress? That's what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I went to the mall on a rainy Friday night because I needed a dress for my friend's mom's wedding. I'm too small to fit into a lot of clothes that women's stores have, so I had a really hard time finding a dress that I liked and that fit me. So I was getting really aggravated.

I was about to head home when I decided to stop into one last store - 344. I saw a dress that was on sale and was so cute! The only problem? It was a large, and I'm an extra small and sometimes a small. The dress didn't look like it would be too big for me, so I decided to try it on anyway. When I tried it on, the dress wasn't that big on me, but it was still big enough for me to not want to get it.

via Instagram

Isn't this dress adorable?! You can kind of tell in the picture, but the dress was kind of wide around my hips. It also wasn't as tight as it was supposed to be. In the back (which isn't shown), there was a cutout. The cutout sagged pretty low, so I knew I shouldn't get the dress. It made me a little disappointed, but I still had hope that I would find a dress that fit me! (Which I did, and is what you guys will be reading about tomorrow... ;))

Have you ever found the perfect dress?


  1. that dress is so cute! perfect for a graduation party or wedding!