All About the House Organizer

A couple of weeks ago, I won a giveaway hosted by Caroline from All About the House Etsy Shop! All About the House creates tons of different printables for all sorts of planners. The planner I won was Personalized Planner. Rachael, the owner of All About the House, was super nice when she was making my order for me! I chose pink chevron with navy words, as shown below.

 (Sorry for the horrible quality - I had to take a picture of my computer screen!)

The best part of All About the House is everything is a printable. Therefore, you get to print off as many copies as you want of something in case you're like me and mess up writing things all the time and want them to look perfect!

Unfortunately, I can't use my planner for a while because my school provides agendas for us. However, I plan on using it during my freshman year of college (which is really only two years away - scary!!!) to help keep myself organized. I haven't even printed out the planner yet, but I'm already obsessed!

What do you like from All About the House?

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