Social Media Service/Internship

About a month ago, I started my own social media service/internship. It all started when I noticed that a lot of companies aren't too up-to-date with their Twitters. I realized that social media plays a huge role in promoting a company and can actually drive a lot of traffic and business to a shop. After noticing that, I realized I wanted to help handle the social media of businesses because some businesses can be so busy that they just kind of forget to post on Twitter or other social media platforms since they have so much stuff to do.

That's when I came up with the plan to start my own social media service because social media really interests me, and I actually know a lot about it. I came up with a list of a bunch of companies that lacked in their Twitter presence. (And by companies, I mean Etsy shops, small Southern clothing brands, etc!) I then emailed about six of them at once and explained what my social media service was and how it could benefit them. Since I don't know everything about social media, I offered to do it for free for the summer. However, I mentioned that I would like some type of compensation if it continued after the summer.

About four companies got back to me, but only two wanted me to handle it for them. Right now, I handle the Twitter for Simple and Sweet Monogram Boutique, and their Twitter is @SimpleSweetMono. Pretty soon, I'll be handling the Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for Down South Collection! I love handling the Twitter for Simple and Sweet Monograms, and I'm super excited to start for Down South Collection.

Two is enough for me right now. Even though it's summer and I have a lot of free time, I still have two other internships going on, blogging for my own blog plus two more, handling the social media for Chit Chat, and more. However, I do keep a list that I like to add to in case I ever need to ask more companies! So, if you guys know of any brands, companies, Etsy shops, etc. that lack in their social media presence, please feel free to let me know!

When I told Frannie about this, she said to me, "That's like the definition of a Smart Girl. You are perfect." And that totally made my day! It's nice when someone notices the hard work that you do and compliments you for it.

Are there any summer jobs that interest you?


  1. wow, you are so busy, I completely agree with Frannie :)
    I just got a week work experience with a top London Barrister confirmed this week so I am super excited about that, and it was pretty unexpected
    Rebecca Elizabeth

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