On Saturday, I went to my friend, Ariana's, mom's wedding because she got remarried! It was the third wedding I've been to in my life, but this one was really fun because I was actually able to know what was going on since I was three years old when I went to the other two weddings. The wedding was outside down the Cape, and it was beautiful.

My other friend, Carolyn, drove my friends and me to the wedding since she has her license. It was at this place that has a museum and gardens, and it sounds really weird, but it was actually really cool. When we got there, golf carts that could hold ten people drove us down to where the actual wedding was taking place. The wedding was so beautiful and made me cry! My friend was the maid of honor, and everyone just looked so pretty.

After the wedding, we went inside for the cocktail hour. It was in a room with a bunch of old fashioned cars, and they had appetizers, drinks, and a station to make your own chowder. The only things I didn't like about that were I had to stand for an hour when I kind of wanted to sit, and pretty much all of the appetizers were seafood, which I'm not a huge fan of.

After the cocktail hour, we went to this big room where our meals were going to be. We had the option to choose between fish and filet mignon, and I'm not always in the mood for seafood, so I chose filet mignon. The only thing I didn't like about the filet mignon was it was super rare. Like really red in the middle. So I didn't really eat it because I was afraid I would get sick.

We then went onto the dance floor and danced! In between songs, we went inside to get more drinks and try the desserts. The cupcakes were good, but they had raspberry filling in the middle, which I don't like, so I had to scoop the filling out!

Overall, I had a blast. Going to Malina's (Ariana's mom) wedding made me so excited for when my wedding day comes. And now it's time for me to show you some of the pictures I took!

My outfit for the wedding! I wore a Lilly Pulitzer Delia dress in Let's Cha Cha (which I'm OBSESSED with and you guys will be seeing a post about that soon!) and my silver Jack Rogers. My older sister, Chelsea, did my hair because she's really good at that kind of stuff, and it came out really good! It was a French braid into a bun with a blue flower clip that matched the blue in my dress.

My friends (minus one - she wasn't there yet!) and me before we went down to the wedding! From left to right: Carolyn, me, Emilee, Danielle, Emily (my twin), and Erin.

Ariana, my friend and the maid of honor! Her hair is covering her face, and I didn't get a chance to take another picture as she was walking by.

Malina and Lou, her fiancee! Malina looked absolutely gorgeous and so happy.

My best friend, Emjay, and me! This was during the cocktail hour. We pretended to have really fancy drinks when all we had was Coke ;)

Ariana and me! She changed into this dress after the wedding instead of wearing her bridesmaid dress.

Have you been to a wedding recently?


  1. Looks like you had a great time with your friends, and your outfit was so pretty! And it is nice to see someone else who isn't a huge fan of seafood, because people always think I am crazy when I don't eat fish!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

    1. Thanks Scarlett! And I agree - seafood just isn't always my thing!

  2. Absolutely love your dress! I have the same one.


  3. OMG absolutely love your lilly dress!


  4. You look lovely! I've not been to many weddings before either, I wish more people I know would get married so I can buy pretty things to wear!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I wish more people I know would get married, too!