Etsy Shop Dreams

Searching through various Etsy shops is one of my guilty pleasures. Most Etsy shops have cute items that aren't too expensive. I love looking for monogrammed items, preppy items, and office supplies. Looking through all of these shops made me want to start my own Etsy shop.

The only problem is I'm not sure what I would sell in my Etsy shop. I'm only creative when I want to be; I can't just be forced to be creative. Also, there is nothing I can really make. I was thinking of learning how to make Emi Jays, the creaseless hair elastics, but anybody can just get them in stores for cheap now. The other problem is the only time I would be able to keep my shop open is during the summer because I'm not too busy then. I would never be able to keep the shop open during the school year, especially during soccer season, because I'm too busy.

Other ideas I had of what to create were stationary and business cards. The problem with those ideas are I don't have Photoshop, nor know how to use it, to make stationary and business cards. If I can figure out how to use other programs that aren't Photoshop to make stationary and business cards, then maybe I can consider selling those. I'm also worried that if I start the Etsy shop, it won't get any business. Or I'm worried that I'll be spending more money than I'll be making.

So for now, I'm thinking about figuring out which items I can create and just testing them out first. If they turn out good, maybe I'll do giveaways with them to make them known. And before starting an Etsy shop, maybe I'll just do a little business where people just ask me to make the stuff for them, and then they send me the money. If that turns out well, then maybe I'll start an Etsy shop.

Have you wanted to start an Etsy shop?


  1. I have been thinking along the same lines for about a year now! I have had the same worries and questions. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! I've wondered about selling a whole variety of things, but nothing has stood out for me yet. I think that it'll be really obvious when I realize what I should be making and selling.

    1. That's so cool that you've been thinking the same thing! Let me know if you end up making a shop.

  2. I started one last year, it took me a while to figure it out, the only issue is that there are so many sellers that it's quite hard to get your products up on the first few pages. I ended up closing mine for now as I don't have much time to make stuff.
    I ended up buying more stuff than I sold since the other shops are too tempting haha
    Doing a giveaway is a great way to get your creations noticed though!