Organization 101 :: Create a Blogging Calendar on Google

I used to keep track of which blog posts would be posted on which days in my planner. However, I tend to switch blog posts around a lot, and I like to write in pen. So my planner became full of scribbles in pen, and I didn't like how it looked. At first, I was really against going digital, which is why I always wrote down my blog posts instead of digitally keeping track of them. Through one of the tweet chats I attend, I was persuaded into making an editorial calendar.

Now that I have an editorial calendar, I love it. An editorial calendar is basically just a calendar used to keep track of which posts are going to be posted on which days. I decided to make mine using Google Calendar, which was really helpful because it synced to my iPhone. Now I can look at my calendar wherever I am! My calendar looks so much more neat now because there are no scribbles and crossed-out words. If you want to create a blogging calendar using Google Calendar, check out this link: | If you would like to sync your calendar to your iPhone, check out this link: (Hint: If you already have your Gmail account on your phone, you can skip the whole first part; just make sure that your calendar is turned on!)

Doesn't my calendar look so much neater now?! It has a fresh, organized look. I even changed the settings so that my event showed up in pink on a computer and with a pink circle on my phone. The only thing I don't like is how I get a notification for every event the day before it happens, which annoys me. But I'm sure that's a very helpful feature to a lot of other people!

Do you use Google Calendar to keep track of your blog posts?


  1. This is such a good idea for keeping organised with blog posts. My boyfriend is always telling me I don't use my iPhone to it's full potential so maybe this is a good way to start! :) x

    1. You should definitely do this! It really helps :)