Organization 101: My Planner

One of my many obsessions is planners. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with them - I just am! I just love the feeling of being organized, and planners are a great way to stay organized. So I thought I would share my planner with all of you!

I happened to buy my planner over the summer at Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1. Whether you have a Lilly Pulitzer planner or a cheap planner like mine, you're still getting the job done! You can't really see the writing in the picture on the right, so I'll just tell you guys what is written.

Blogging schedule | This is super handy. Writing what I'm going to blog about each day helps me to never have writer's block!
Assignment due dates | Having the due dates of my assignments written down helps me to plan in advance when I should get the assignments done. I'm the complete opposite of a procrastinator, so I always get my assignments done right away!
Quiz/Test dates | I love seeing what days I have to take quizzes or tests because then I can budget my time and see how much time I need to study for them - especially if I need to take more than one quiz or test on the same day!
Library book due dates | I'm forever checking books out from the library, so keeping track of the due dates while having a busy schedule prevents me from getting fines!

What does your planner/schedule look like, and what are the tactics that you use? I'm always looking for new ways to stay organized!


  1. I LOVE PLANNERS TOO! My Lilly agenda literally is my life!

    1. No way! My whole life is literally in my planner. I'm thinking about getting a Lilly agenda for next year!