Lilly Skirt

As some of you know, I went to the Cape for the Fourth of July. While I was down there, I did a ton of shopping and got two pairs of shorts at In the Pink! At In the Pink, I tried on a bunch of different clothes to see which ones I liked the best. I had totally fell in love with a skirt that I tried on. Unfortunately, my mom talked me out of buying it because she said I wouldn't have anywhere to wear it to, which is true since I wear a uniform to school. However, I would still love to have it just in case I needed it! I totally regret not buying it anyway, so next time I make a trip to a Lilly store, I'll have to buy a skirt.

Isn't it so cute?! The length is perfect because it's not too short and not too long. The pattern is even adorable too! Unfortunately, I forgot to look at the tag to see which type of skirt it was and which pattern it was. It's not on the website anymore either!

Do you have a skirt that you're in love with?


  1. I know the print is Chin Chin if that helps :)

    Rebecca Elizabeth

  2. I absolutely love these skirts from Lilly! I have one in the print Written in the Stars. I am pretty sure the model of the skirt is the January Skort :)


    I bet you will be able to get one at the upcoming endless summer sale online. It starts Monday and ends Wednesday!

    1. Thanks Hunter! I'll have to check the sale out :)

  3. I got a similar Lilly skirt 6 summers ago right before I left for college, and still get so much use out of it! It's perfect for when you start working, college interviews, out to dinner-- I'm sure it'll be available at the Endless Summer Sale, so snag it then :)

    1. It definitely has a lot of potential use! I'll have to check out the Endless Summer Sale once it starts :)

  4. I love that skirt! The color combination is simply fabulous!

    P.S. I nominated you for The Liebster Award. Check out my blog post for more information about it.

    xoxo, Katelyn

  5. Oh my goodness, that skirt is perfection! Man, I think I am going to have to try to get my hands on it now! haha I'm new to your blog but am quickly falling in love! It's so cute and I am already a big fan! I'd love for you to check mine out sometime!