School Supplies Necessities

School is (unfortunately) right around the corner. I usually get my school supplies during the first week of school so I know exactly what I need to get, but there are some things that I get before school starts because I just know I'll need them. These items have become my school supplies necessities!

{one} planner
You seriously can't go wrong with a planner. Planners help me to figure out what blog post I'm posting on what day, what homework assignment is due what day, and what test I'm taking what day. It's basically my life. Organization is the key to success!

{two} legal pads
Okay, so I sort of have an obsession with legal pads... #SorryNotSorry. Whenever I'm in the office supplies section of a store, I'm always so tempted to buy them. However, I get good use out of them because they're perfect for taking notes or making to-do lists. And why not make note-taking and list-making fun by getting a pink legal pad?!

{three} highlighters
I always have a highlighter with me. They're great for highlighting important information and crossing off completed tasks on a to-do list. Sharpie makes the best highlighters just because of the great colors and how long they last!

{four} colored pens
I have the typical black and blue pens, but it's nice to have colored pens as well. I love using colored pens when taking notes because the notes then stand out more to me, and I can color code key points.

What are your school supplies necessities?


  1. What a great idea to use legal paper for notes! I wrote about my school supplies for my blog post too! You should check it out :)


  2. I have an obsession with legal pads too…I bought 2 of those exact same pink ones last year and plan on doing it again this year! haha