Sought-After Sunday :: Enzo Angiolini "Saylem" Riding Boots

One theme on my blog I'm going to start is "Sought-After Sunday." Sought-After Sunday will consist of an item (or more than one item!) that I'm currently lusting over. I most likely won't do it every Sunday, but I'm sure I'll do it every once in a while.

The item I'm currently lusting over is the Enzo Angiolini "Saylem" Riding Boots. I actually cam across these boots last year, but I didn't get them because I wanted to save my money. However, the other riding boots I got last year are now too small on me, and I really want a good pair of riding boots. I found these boots at Nordstrom, but I'm not unsure if they're sold anywhere else.

I would love to get them in this color. My older sister has them in this color as well, and they're just fabulous! I'm hoping to get my hands on a pair soon in time for the fall.

What are you lusting over?
Feel free to use "Sought-After Sunday" as well!


  1. LOVE my riding boots!! A quality pair is definitely a fall/winter staple.

  2. Oh gosh, they are gorgeous! I bought the Ariat Windmere boots at Hickstead (a venue where there is showjumping and dressage) and I am in love with them! I won't wear them when I ride as I prefer jodphur boots and then the Ariats will last longer.

    I hope your boot wishes come true! ;)

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