Lilly Planners

As all preps know, August 1st is National Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Day because August 1st is the first day of every Lilly planner. Unfortunately, I am unable to get a Lilly planner because my school provides agendas for us. Buying a Lilly planner would just be a waste because I wouldn't be able to use it. However, I am counting down the days until college when I get to buy a Lilly planner and use it! #SorryNotSorry

Anyway, I think all of the Lilly planners are adorable. I would most likely get a large because I've never really been a fan of tiny little planners. Check out the agendas I love below!

Lilly Agendas

{one} Chiquita Bontia // {two} Coronado Crab// {three} Tiger Lilly // {four} Tusk In Sun // {five} Lets Cha Cha // {six} Tropical Pink Lulu

I would definitely get the agenda in Lets Cha Cha just because it's my absolute favorite print ever! (If you couldn't tell from my blog's background...)

What agenda do you have?


  1. Last year I had my favorite print (Ugotta Regatta) and I'm debating if I want to spend my money on one this year! I actually just posted about my great debate the other day! haha!
    xox, a new follower!

  2. I think the Lilly agenda is so cute, but I have the same issue! I really want to get one for college though:)


  3. I wasn't able to buy a Lilly planner because my college provides them for us.


  4. I absolutely love Lilly ANYTHING! But my parents refuse to buy me a Lilly Agenda because my school supplies me one. :( But I am definitely buying myself one for Christmas! ;)