Hey everyone! I am Melissa from Perfect in Pearls and The Smart Girl’s Loop. Thank you, Ashley for this amazing opportunity; I am so excited to be guest posting for Private School Prepster! Today, I want to give you a little inspirational quote to brighten up your Monday.


 I came across this quote a few weeks ago on Pinterest, and it has been my phone background ever since. I love how simple yet meaningful it is.

Troian Bellisario says we are four things: young, beautiful, individual and unique. These simple traits are often taken for granted. I never really think about the fact that I have the qualities, and I, along with most other people, overuse all of these words. I probably cannot even count the number of times I say them in a day, but this quote emphasizes how truly valuable they are.

This quote is an incredible wakeup call because you really are young, beautiful, individual and unique. At the end of the day that is worth so much in a society where people are constantly trying to be something or someone else or focusing on the little things that don’t matter all that much. For me, I look at it as the stressed high schooler that I am. Will it really matter one day if I did not get an “A” on that paper? Nope. Is it a big deal if I am a unique individual? YES.

I hope this quote inspires you to be who you truly and reminds you that being your young, beautiful, individual, and unique self is worth more than anything else!

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  1. I am so sorry I never got the chance to comment on this last week! Thank you so much for letting me do a guest post!!

    - Melissa