How To :: Get Summer Work Done

Summer is (unfortunately) coming to an end, and some of us (me included... oops!) still have summer assignments left to do. When someone thinks of summer, they think of the opposite of school. However, most people still have summer assignments that they need to do such as summer reading and AP work, including me.

Saving all that work until the last minute is never a good idea because it creates a lot of stress, and you're unable to enjoy the last week of summer with friends. Check out my tips below for ways to get through your summer work quickly and efficiently!

{one} set aside one day strictly for summer assignments
I've found that it really helps if I devote one day to doing only summer assignments and nothing else. If you work on the summer assignments for a whole day, you'll get a ton done in that one day. Breaking it up over a couple of days will just take you longer to finish it. If you're unable to finish everything in one day, assign another day to finishing the summer assignments.

{two} stay away from all types of distractions
When doing your summer work, shut your phone off, put your laptop away (unless needed for the work), and stay away from the TV. If you have any things that could possibly distract you near you, you'll end up resorting to those when you get bored and don't want to do your summer work anymore. However, if you don't have any of those near you, you won't be tempted to scroll through Twitter or Instagram.

{three} go to a quiet place
It's difficult to get something done when there is noise all around you. Go to a quiet place that will help you be productive, such as your room or your town's library. Any noise will prevent you from being focused. However, it's totally okay if there is music playing where you are if that helps you to concentrate.

{four} stay organized
Need to read a forty-two page article and then write an essay on it, just like I have to do? It sounds difficult, but it's really not. Keep a highlighter, pen, and notebook nearby when reading the article. Highlight important things in the article you want to use in your essay, and write down any notes you want to use in your essay. This really helps when I write my essay because it saves so much time. I don't have to go back through the article after reading it to find things that I need; all I have to do is look for the highlighted words, phrases, and sentences!

If you keep these tips in mind, you'll easily be able to get through your summer work. It'll allow you to still enjoy your summer while being productive!

How do you get summer work done?


  1. I love this how to! I always face the same problem, but how I tackled it was by giving myself like 30-60 minutes every morning to read. It really helped me get all my work done :)


    1. Thanks Hunter! That's a good strategy :)

  2. These are all great tips Ashley! No wonder you were such a wonderful student....I am very proud of you and love reading your blog.

    With smiles,

    Mrs. Kennedy