Review :: The Sassy Coconut Etsy Shop

I was so lucky to be sent not one, but TWO monogrammed decals from Sandee, the owner of The Sassy Coconut Etsy Shop. The first monogrammed decal was 3" and just my monogram. The second one was an anchor monogrammed decal, but I'm not sure what the size was. I put the lime green one on my journal and the anchor one on my iPad case.

(Note: Please excuse the part of my journal that's sticking out... I altered the Lilly print on my computer to print so that it covered the whole journal, but it didn't print out right. Ugh. Anyway, of course I chose the Lets Cha Cha print! I also kind of messed up on putting the anchor one on my iPad case, so there are a couple ripples.)

Anyway, I love the monograms, and they add the perfect touch to basically anything!

What do you like from The Sassy Coconut?


  1. Super cute-- I just love that anchor one!

  2. These look adorable!

  3. I just love these monograms! I really want one for my computer case :)