Review :: York Design Co.

Laura Dilibero, the owner of York Design Co., was an absolute sweetheart and sent me a cuff to review! York Design Co. is a brand that sells needlepoint cuffs. Laura makes all of them herself by hand. These cuffs have preppy, cute, and fun patterns to go with any outfit you want. The cuff I got was the Delta Zeta Turtles. I'm not a part of a sorority - I just loved the adorable little turtles!

Side view of the cuff.

Front view of the cuff.

I have a pretty small wrist, so I was thrilled when I noticed that the cuff really wasn't that big for my wrist. The cuff adds the perfect touch of preppiness to any outfit! I'm planning on wearing it with the pink Polo tee I have or the Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts I have in Ice Cream Social. Either way, it's an adorable accessory!

I'm obsessed with all of the animal cuffs that Laura made. I don't know why, but I'm just so attracted to them. I think it's because they're just so preppy and bright! The other ones I love are...

{Whale of a Time} The navy and green combination is just perfect. It can go with virtually anything! I also have a slight obsession with whales. It matches exactly the J. Crew sweaters that Caroline and Frannie have!

{Sea Horses} Although sea horses are too cute and I love this bracelet, I don't think I could justify buying it. I don't have many clothes that are just pink, just blue, or just yellow, so I wouldn't be able to wear it much.

{Later Gator} This cuff is just like the one I have, which is why it's so great! Pink and green are always a perfect combination, and I would get plenty of uses out of this cuff because the amount of pink and green outfits I have are endless.

{Don't Be Crabby} This one is definitely my favorite. Why, you may ask? Because you can never go wrong with navy and pink. Seriously! It's just so chic and perfect.

Which cuff do you love from York Design Co.?


  1. I have the light pink leopard print cuff from York! I love all of their cuffs!

  2. I love these! I want one so bad!


  3. Ooh, those are cute! I like the little crab hehe :)

  4. I love the seahorses, too, but I definitely agree that it would be hard to match to a lot of outfits.

    - Melissa