Mac Miller Concert

I love Mac Miller and his music. I've loved it for almost four years now, when he wasn't really known, which is crazy. My first Mac concert was last year in May, and I was so lucky to have gone to another one about two weeks ago! This one was at the House of Blues in Boston. I went with my twin sister and two of our  friends. We got early entrance tickets, which meant we got to go in about a half hour before everyone else, so our spots were really good.

My early entry wristband.

Because we got early entry, we ended up in second row!!! It was awesome. The people who were in the first row were the meet and greet people, which was understandable.

This is how far we were from the stage without zoom. Isn't that crazy?!

The concert started at 8, but there were four opening acts before Mac: The Internet, Vince Staples, Chance the Rapper, and Earl Sweatshirt. The only person I had heard of before was Earl Sweatshirt, but I had never listened to any of his music before. Surprisingly, the opening acts were pretty good! I just didn't like how there were so many because it took forever before Mac finally came on the stage.

This concert was a standing-room only concert, which was how I got so close. People were absolutely crazy. They tried to push way up to the stage just to get closer, and everyone was on top of each other. The concert last year wasn't this bad, but I think it's because I wasn't as close last year. When Earl Sweatshirt, the last opening act, came on, everything got worse. I couldn't breathe, my hair was pulled, and I was covered in sweat. I actually almost fainted, but then someone got an EMT and I had to get pulled out of the crowd by the EMT. I then had an asthma attack (I have wicked bad asthma, but I can't remember if I've told you guys that before), and I started hyperventilating. Luckily, the EMT was so nice and helpful and got me water.

I was wicked upset about that happening not only because it was scary but because I lost my spot. There was no way I'd be able to get back to where I was, and I definitely didn't want to because of what had happened. Fortunately, my soccer coach just happens to be the Head of Security at the House of Blues, so he hooked my friends and me up with VIP seating in the VIP box. How amazing was that?! We were in the VIP box the whole time Mac was on, and we had way more fun there than in the crowd because we were just as close, but we could actually breathe.

This is how close I was without zoom in the VIP box. I FREAKED.

Mac dancing!

Mac talking to the crowd.

Mac walking away.

Mac rapping.

My twin and one of our friends that went with us actually went to the same exact concert the next night! The concert was in Rhode Island, and they got meet and greet. MEET AND GREET. I couldn't go to the meet and greet, so I didn't get a ticket. I was SO jealous! They were in the first row that night, and they got a picture with Mac.

My twin meeting Mac Miller! Eek!

Do you listen to Mac Miller?


  1. I absolutely love Mac Miller but no one I know really likes him. :( He's coming to London in a few months and I really hope that I get to see him live because that would be epic. That's crazy what happened to you, people honestly need to chill out at concerts and not push and hurt people because it's scary and pointless. Glad you were okay afterwards though and that's so awesome you got to be in the VIP box! :D


  2. Mac is from where I live! Its so cool that other people like him too haha! Pittsburgh is crazy for him! Looks like you had fun!