As mentioned before, I've been running a lot this summer to keep in shape for soccer. However, I can't just run without knowing how far I'm running. I like to know how far I'm running. Since I have really bad asthma, I've been working on slowly increasing my running increments. For example, I'm going to run one mile for a couple of runs, then bounce it up to 1.5 miles, then 2 miles, and so on. I'm hoping that will help my lungs get used to the exercise instead of just instantly running three or four miles.

Anyway, there is an app I recently got that tells me how I'm far I'm running. It's called Runkeeper. Runkeeper not only tells me how far I'm running, but it tells me the amount of time I'm running and my time per mile. It's great! I love it because when I realize that I've ran a half a mile, that's when I turn around and head for home to make the whole distance one mile. If any of you love running and like knowing the total distance you ran, I highly suggest you check out Runkeeper!

Do you use Runkeeper or a similar app?

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