Target and TJ Maxx Haul

A couple of Fridays ago, it was a super rainy day, and my twin and I were bored, so we decided to just do some shopping. We went to the Target and TJ Maxx that are a couple of towns over from us. I absolutely love Target and TJ Maxx, so of course I bought items from there!

From Target, I got white address labels (which you will see a DIY post about very soon - eek!) and three notebooks. The three notebooks are a little bit bigger than pocket-sized and come in a package. They have inspirational quotes on them. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to use them for, but they were so cute that I just couldn't not buy them! They were also only $3.99 for all three of them, which is a great deal.

I don't have any pictures, but at TJ Maxx, I got a navy blue Polo hat with a yellow emblem on it for myself. My boyfriend and I's two year anniversary is coming up soon, so I got his gifts there as well. I got him a Ralph Lauren wallet, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, a Ralph Lauren v-neck, midcalfs, and an iHome iPad typing case. I gave his gifts to him the day I got them because I just couldn't wait! He absolutely loves everything he got, which is a good thing.

I love going to Target because they always sell super cute office supplies that I'm always so compelled to buy. Their bathing suits are fabulous as well! I love going to TJ Maxx because they have great brands and clothes (such as Ralph Lauren!) for cheap prices.

What do you love about Target and TJ Maxx?


  1. I just love all of the cute office stuff from Target too! I have been wanting to re-do my desk lately and every time I walk in the store, I always find something. Oh, and my boyfriend and I are having our second anniversary soon too!


  2. Ahh I looove TJ Maxx!

  3. Office supplies are such a simple pick-me-up! I'll be looking forward to your address label DIY!