Fall Dresses

One item I need to get for the fall is a dress. I don't usually need a dress in the fall, but I think it's good to have one just in case I go somewhere that I'll need a dress for that isn't a homecoming dress. There are always tons of summer dresses, but I never see any cute fall dresses. I found a couple of cute fall dress that I have my eye on!

Of course these dresses are from Lilly. They're just so cute! They would look fabulous with a pair of brown or black riding boots (depending on the color of the dress) or a pair of nude or black heels (also depending on the color of the dress). I'm hoping to get my hands on one of these gorgeous dresses!

Which dresses do you like for the fall?


  1. Love the first one! It's perfect!

  2. I really like some of L. Mae Boutique's dresses for the fall season!


  3. I love the idea of wearing dresses in fall, but the opportunity is very rare as I live in an area that gets pretty chilly in the fall. I do especially love the first dress that you picked out - and the way it was styled on the model as well! x

  4. I love of the third one, the opportunities seem to be endless!


  5. I have many fall dresses cause I'll wear one to school at least once a week!