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A couple of weeks ago, I found out about the app Frankly. Frankly is an app where you can talk to people privately, and after the person reads a message you sent, it will disappear - just like Snapchat! It's a super cool way to have private conversations with people. You can get it for iPhones or Androids. Check out more info from the workers of the company below:

Features of the app
1. Be Frank! Say what you want to your friends! All text and photos self-destruct once read. Nothing is saved to our servers. 
2. Go Incognito. Create a group room with your friends and chat anonymously! You know who’s in the room but you don’t know who’s saying what!
3. Late night mistakes? You can unsend messages if you change your mind before the message is opened! 

Uses of the app:
1. Gossip and goof off with friends
2. BFF group chats ("keep it in the group")
3. Get real – with disappearing messages, you can finally get as real as you want 
4. Coordinate group events
5. Group chats during events
6. Chatting while in a crowded setting (minimal over-the-shoulder reading)
7. Worried about someone reading your old texts? You’ll never have to erase texts at the end of the day!

How to use it:
1. Download Frankly
2. Find your friends
3. Send them a text or a picture message
4. The message is bubble is encoded until they are ready to read it
5. Tap message bubble to reveal content (photo or text)
6. Then, your message will self-destruct

I got the chance to try this app out, and I have to admit that's pretty cool. I've always wondered if there would ever be a way to permanently get rid of text messages, and Frankly is the answer!

What do you think of Frankly?

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  1. That seems like it would be really cool if used would be so nice to un-send a message, as well as have everything disappear!! I feel like this could be abused, though..