Pierrepont Hicks

While reading through the Matchbook Magazine archives, I came across Pierrepont Hicks. Pierrepont Hicks is a brand started by a married couple, Mac and Katherine McMillan in 2009. They were getting married and couldn't find the perfect tie, so they decided to make their own. This turned into a huge business!

I was searching through this website the other day and fell in love. Since this company first started out as a brand for men's ties, they don't have many women's items. However, there are two that I totally adore!

I need this jacket! It's absolutely perfect for the cold fall and winter weather. I just wish it wasn't so expensive because that price is definitely out of my price range!

These moccasins are absolutely adorable! To me, they're a mixture between Sperry's and moccasins. They look so comfortable, and I love the mix of tan and pink. If only they were cheaper!

Have you heard of Pierrepont Hicks?


  1. Love those moccasins! Super cute.


  2. Those moccasins are adorable! I actually seen a similar pair last night at the Eaton Centre in Toronto! They look super comfy!

  3. I agree those are adorable but soo expensive :P I'm sure you could find something similar at Gap/Old Navy for a lot cheaper!!