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My name is Zobia and I blog over at Today I am taking over Ashely's wonderful blog and writing to you all about how blogging effects our lives and visa-versa.  Blogging effects your life and your life effects your blog in several ways. Your life and blogging go hand in hand. Your blog is a reflection of who you are in your every day life and your life becomes the basis of what you blog about.

How Your Life Effects Your Blogging
Blogging would not exist if it wasn't for your lifestyle. For example, if you are involved in the fashion industry in any way anything that inspires you-a new collection, a specific brand, a color palette, or a new trend becomes what you blog about. Therefore you are know as a "fashion" or "style" blogger. If you just use blogging as a way to write and share your daily life-you blog about your life's experiences, you blog about your favorite things, what makes your lifestyle different from everyone else, share tips, and aim to relate to your readers by just being yourself. If you're a computer/business enthusiast, (like myself), anything you find on the Internet that involves technology and business ends up your blog, opinions, reviews, and tips end up making your blog's topic list as well. See the trend? Your hobbies, your interests, the person you are, the things you like, the things you don't like-all of that becomes what you blog about and what your blog stands for.

How Blogging Effects Your Life
Many of us struggle to find time to blog every day. Blogging should be fun, it should be easy, but if you really get into blogging, you'll realize majority of the time it becomes a small "business" or "project". No matter what you call it, your blog becomes something that no longer just requires you to blog, but now socialize, advertise, network, work with brands, and take stat counters seriously. This effects your life because now you have to make time to blog and manage all of that. Tip: One way to manage how blogging effects your life is by scheduling time to blog each week. Setting aside blogging time as well as blog management and networking time will help you make time to live your life (and do something worth blogging about) while keeping your blog organized! Blogging is not all fun and games, but it's not completely serious either, but as long as you love what you do and love to share it through blogging, you'll enjoy the ride!

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