DIY :: Lilly Pulitzer Address Labels

One of the items I got from my Target and TJ Maxx Haul was Avery Address Labels. I noticed that I've been writing a ton of handwritten notes lately, so I wanted my own return address labels. I looked at various Etsy shops, but just didn't want to spend the money when I could make my own for a much cheaper price. So, I decided to test it out! I believe the address labels cost a little over $4, and they came with 360, which is a good deal.Since I love how my address labels came out, I thought I would show you guys how to make your own!

{one} download
Once you buy the address labels, you have to download the right template on Avery's website. The package will say which template number you need, so all you have to do is find that template and download it. The template will open up in Microsoft Word. You can choose a blank template or a template that has designs already on the address labels.

{two} customize
Here comes the fun part - customizing your address labels! I found it hard to type in Microsoft Word on the address labels, so I wrote my name and address on Paint and then copy and pasted it over. That seemed to work much better. I also cropped a little square of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print, Lets Cha Cha, to use as a little design. You may have to adjust the wording so it fits on the labels correctly.

{three} test
Before printing out your address labels on the sheet, I suggest printing them on a normal piece of paper first to make sure they look right. That way in case you mess up or need to adjust anything, you won't waste a sheet of labels!

Voila! I made it so that my address labels matched my blog design of the time, but now that my blog design has changed, I'm definitely going to have to change them so they match my new look! Luckily, I only printed one sheet of the Lets Cha Cha design and not all of the sheets. I suggest you do the same in case you end up changing your mind about the design!

Do you plan on making your own address labels?


  1. I never could figure out how to do this before! I think I will try to make some of my own labels too :)


  2. Great summary and excellent site. Thank you for sharing your valuable info.

  3. What a great idea, I love these Lilly labels!


  4. These are so cute! I love how you personalise everything - definitely inspiring for me! x

  5. Great tip to print on regular paper first! I doubt anyone would want to print a whole batch on the labels only for them to end up being wasted because there was a mistake or something needs adjusting.

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